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CISabroad - Semester in Thailand

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Thailand is known for its beautiful landscapes, rich history, fun nightlife, tranquil Buddhist culture, and peaceful temples. Immerse yourself in this welcoming culture as you study at Mahidol University, Thailand’s top-ranked university. Choose from a wide variety of courses in English from the university’s International College. Our Semester in Thailand program is centered in your new home, the scenic college town of Salaya. From Salaya, easily venture into the heart of Bangkok, Thailand’s capital city. You’ll enjoy the serenity of a small town and the bustle of a booming city. The rest of Thailand also awaits you, with its beaches, jungles, and delicious cuisine.

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Why Study at Home... When You can Go Abroad!

Studying abroad through CISAbroad was a great experience for me. I really appreciated how easy and organized the application process was through the portal online. Once you get accepted be sure to find or ask for the Facebook group as the information posted in there is often very important as soon as you land in Thailand! I had a positive experience with all the on site staff, they were amazing and answered all of my questions as soon as they could.

Mahidol was a little unorganized at times. The campus was beautiful and the teachers were great, but the school's orientation could have actually gave us a tour or told us about all of the services offered around campus. When we had to renew our visas lots of students were confused with the process so just keep asking questions so you don't make a mistake. The on site coordinators helped to the best of their ability but it was really up to Mahidol to help us. Many people said the classes at Mahidol were easier than their home university classes, for me it really depended on the class and the teacher. Many classes (especially science classes) provided paid for field trips, which were amazing. There are also lots of clubs and activities where you might do a day trip or a weekend trip to different places like a sea turtle rehab, or a trip to Ayutthaya.

The excursions CISabroad provided were amazing, definitely would've liked to spend more time in Chiang Mai and Koh Chang but if you chose to leave earlier or stay later than CIS they worked with you to pick you up or meet you somewhere when they got there.

We got to choose between Baan Suan or Bundit housing. Both had pros and cons. Baan Suan didn't have a van to get to Mahidol like Bundit but CISabroad provided each of us cash for taking taxis to school. The bus system is awesome and cheaper too, but involves walking over a bridge to get to campus. The beds could have been more comfortable, but that is kind of across Thailand.

Some other cool things that CIS provided us was a cellphone with about 2gb of data per month. You could also buy more data or minutes if you wanted to. I mostly used my phone for gps when we went into the city and I decided not to use it. If your phone is unlocked you can insert the SIM card CIS gives you in your own phone, which I highly recommend because the phone they give us is understandably poor quality. Everything that they fed us on excursions was always really good, they always had, vegetarian options but you usually have to let them know if you want it. During our last week they took us to a pretty fancy upscale hotel's buffet and we got to gorge on all different foods and desserts, and then we took a bunch of photos and said our goodbyes. Those memories will forever be in my heart.

I highly recommend studying abroad through CIS!

How can this program be improved?

The program was run very well. I don't really think it needs much improving. Maybe mention the Facebook group to all participants before they get to their country. It will help some early confusion my friend had :)

Yes, I recommend
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There are going to be difficult times, but as a person who has never been out of the country, this program was perfect. I never felt unsafe or like I couldn't get a question answered. Thailand is amazing and I definitely recommend that you go, especially if you are even considering it. You will definitely always be able to find someone who can answer your questions. More people know English than you think.

How can this program be improved?

Maybe more inform about the flight/travel to Thailand ?

Yes, I recommend
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Go to Thailand!!!!!

Going to Thailand was the most fulfilling 4 months of my life. I made the most unforgettable memories. Being immersed into the Thai culture is so unreal and if you let it can truly change you. The most unique experience I had while abroad was being there during the passing of the king. To see how he touched the lives of the Thai people was so special. I learned so much and absolutely left a more genuine and kind person. The friends you make while abroad are something to hold on to. Go get scuba certified, go skydive, and love on some ele's. David (the abroad coordinator) is amazing and so knowledgeable. He is literally always available for you and is a comfort to have abroad. I cannot recommend this trip enough. It is eye-opening and life-changing. GO. GO. GO.

How can this program be improved?

Better communication with the CIS advisors PRE-departure.

Yes, I recommend
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Semester in Thailand

Program Review

Studying abroad is something that I suggest for everyone, no matter his or her field of interest or past experience with travel (or lack thereof). I studied abroad last year with CISabroad Semester in Thailand. I had traveled quite a bit before that, but it truly provided me with a unique experience and taught me many lessons. Prior to that program, I had mainly traveled with family. Studying abroad with CISabroad provided the perfect mix of self-sufficiency and intensive support system. My experience abroad taught me to rely on myself in new ways, and I discovered how much I love to travel solo. This summer, I intend to do exactly that. While I learned this about myself, I also really appreciated the structure of the Semester Abroad program. There were multiple people from the program that were based in Thailand and they were always very friendly and helpful. They always offered advice and guidance when needed. The other participants in the program were also a major highlight. Not only did we enjoy having classes together, we also traveled together on the weekends. There were multiple excursions planned by CISabroad during the semester. These provided a great way to see more of Thailand, without having to worry about logistics because everything was taken care of. All in all, I suggest the program to anyone interested in visiting South East Asia. I am already wishing I could return!

Yes, I recommend

Great Experience!

Going overseas was a great end to my last semester as an undergrad! I loved how great the staff for both the CIS office and the coordinator abroad. It was awesome being able to feel safe, experience things that I have never experienced, and explore a country that has the friendliest people ever. There is so much that Thailand has to offer, as well as the surrounding countries and the fact that traveling was so cheap, made it even greater! Students talk about how expensive the trips are and immediately get scared, but just do it! Going abroad has been the most awesome experience because I was able to get out of my comfort zone, meet new people from all over the world, and make new memories!

How can this program be improved?

Not sure. Everything was fine.

Yes, I recommend
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My Semester Abroad in Thailand

Studying abroad in Bangkok, Thailand for three months was one of the most amazing and rewarding experiences of my life. From the start I was immersed into a unique and wonderful culture including some of the most friendly people, delectable food, beautiful scenery, and non-stop adventures. My days consisted of attending class at Mahidol University and then relaxing with friends or embarking on excursions around the city. I was even able to explore the country as a whole and travel to two other countries, Cambodia and Indonesia. Although I did face some challenges when I first arrived, like culture shock and making new friends, my time in Thailand has taught me so much and I have gained many life long friendships.

How can this program be improved?

I really wouldn't change much about the program. Everything from pre-departure to being in Thailand to coming home was wonderfully prepared and I never had anything to complain about. This was a wonderful experience and I would definitely recommend this program to others.

Yes, I recommend

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