What kind of work did you do with your internship?

Posted by Ashley Whitt 7 years 4 months ago


I worked in a sports management company and did marketing for the company. My internship involved market research, analyzing the website traffic, outreach to blogs and PR agencies. During my internship I had a project with the mission to increase the website traffic and liaising with managers of the clients that we represented. It was the perfect placement for me since I loved sports and I learned that I definitely want to work with this in the future. My boss and my colleagues were great too. I still have contact with them.

I worked for a publishing firm that was very large and reputable in London. The company was spread over three floors in my office building. My internship was within publishing and I was assigned a mentor and a manager from my first day who supported me throughout my internship. It was a great experience since I was able to get exposure to the advertising and journalism/editorial sector as well throughout my internship which are some of the fields that I have a passion for. Overall, great internship and structure.

I worked for a small Fashion PR Agency that was sort of a boutique, a go-to-brand for fashion brands that wanted to stand out from the crowd and wanted to be unique. It was an amazing experience since our team was small (team of 5). My manager was really hands-on with me and gave me an outline of what I was expected to do during my internship already during my first day which was helpful. I started with rather small tasks but was entrusted with more important responsibilities already during my second week such as drafting press releases, conducting research for the customers (the fashion brands), communicating with customers via email and phone. It was my first internship and I had an open-mindset which was really helpful. I think if you go into an internship and expect certain things, there's a high chance that things will not turn out that way. My colleagues were very kind and supportive as well.