Are the internships paid?

Posted by Melissa Mcbryan 1 year 1 month ago


Unfortunately, the internships through Global Experiences are not paid. London can be expensive, so make sure you're financially prepared. With that being said, it was still the best decision I ever made.

They're usually unpaid but you're able to negotiate with your employer about lunch and travel expenses.

The answer is no, but I still think they are absolutely worth pursuing! You gain great experience and there is always the possibility that the internship results in a job offer.

Most of the interns that I met throughout my time with Global Experiences did not have paid internships. Global Experiences' internships are meant for the experience, sort of like a study abroad. Even though most of them are not paid, they will often give you a stipend each week for food, travel, and extra activities. For mine, I had a stipend of about £200 a week. That helped a lot with going out with friends, eating at restaurants, and riding the train.

As far as I know, internships in London through Global Experiences are not paid. Different agency or at a different location might be different.

Hi Melissa! As with many internships, the vast majority of our internship placements are unpaid. We look for opportunities that allow our interns to gain the best possible experience while adhering to local laws and visa restrictions. If an employer offers you a stipend or other form of compensation you are welcome to accept it. Hope that this helps.

- Lydia T. | Student Experience & Marketing Coordinator