Global Experiences Internships in London, England
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Global Experiences Internships in London, England

An internship in London provides you with the amazing opportunity to live and work in a fascinating global city. London is one of the most culturally, socially, and professionally diverse cities in the world. This booming metropolis is home to hundreds of business ranging from gallery management to international law.

London is the ideal place for young professionals looking to enhance their resumes with international work experience, and learn about British life and culture. Interns in London are kept busy with exciting placements in their respective fields, while also participating in a range of social events and excursions. Ready for the work hard, play hard life?!

  • Personalized Attention: We work with you on a personal level to understand your career interests and internship goals. From the first phone call to the end of your internship, we offer you individualized support to give you all the resources you need.
  • Centralized Housing: You'll be living in the heart of London with other Global Experiences participants in a student-residence close to shopping, public transportation, and nightlife.
  • Professional Development: Through one-on-one coaching and webinars, we assist you in improving in your professional documents, prepare you for an interview with a potential employer, establish internship goals, and discuss your strengths.
  • Local Staff and Social Events: Our Location Coordinators live in London year-round and provide you with an insider's glimpse of the city. The Location Coordinator provides 24/7 emergency support and hosts all of the interns on a range activities.
  • Guaranteed Internship: That means not having to worry about your future plans for the summer, fall, or spring or the quality of the internship. With an internship with Global Experiences we will work on your behalf to find a high-quality internship!
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The program fee includes: Guaranteed internship, centralized housing in London, social events & excursions, medical/travel insurance, mobile phone, and personalized support before and during the internship.

Questions & Answers

Hi Melissa! As with many internships, the vast majority of our internship placements are unpaid. We look for opportunities that allow our interns to gain the best possible experience while adhering to local laws and visa restrictions. If an employer offers you a stipend or other form of compensation you are welcome to accept it. Hope that this helps. - Lydia T. | Student Experience & Marketing...
Hi Kelly! We're happy to offer internships in the entertainment industry in London, such as in the fields: Music, Communications, Event Management, Film & Theatre, Marketing/PR, and Video Production. - Lydia T. | Student Experience & Marketing Coordinator
Hi Misty! We advise our interns to expect one interview. Majority of students only need to interview once. We do a good job of matching you up with a host company from the start. However, on the off chance the interview doesn’t go well or they don’t offer you the placement, we’ll discuss and move on to set up a second interview with a second company. Personally for my Florence internship abroad...
Hi Jamie! Our GE alumni have provided excellent responses to this question and we agree with all of them. For further advice on living like a local in London, check out our blog that our London Program Advisor Jen wrote: - Lydia T. | Student Experience & Marketing Coordinator

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Study Abroad in London

My time spent in London, England was by far the best experience of my life. It provided me with both personal and professional growth, while having the time in my life in another country. I was able to become more independent and become more confident in myself and my abilities. My life post-program has been filled with excitement, with graduating from college and obtaining a new job in the field of social work. Some useful tips I have are to be organized, and communicate effectively, before, during, and after the program. The process of preparing all the necessary documents prior to leaving can be stressful, but is definitely worth it. I enjoyed my time in London so much, that I am looking to make a permanent move there in the next few years. If your on the fence about whether or not to participate in the program, that is completely understandable. However, my advice is to go for it and never look back. You won't regret it!

How can this program be improved?

More detailed and organized list of the pricing of each item. For example, I found the pricing of the certificate of sponsorship and visa a bit confusing.

Yes, I recommend
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Invaluable and Enriching Experience

Interning with GE has provided me with a lasting experience that will last me a lifetime. I interned with Medland Metropolis, an engineering firm in London. I've gained not only invaluable working experience with my company but also tremendous personal growth. Being so far away from home can be scary at first but I've learned to absolutely love the feeling of independence and being able to do things yourself. Your experience is what you make of it and I've learned that some of the best experiences I've had has been due to my willingness to try new things.

Before you're able to intern in London, you need to obtain a work visa and London has one of the more complicated processes in doing it. However, GE has provided very thorough and detailed instructions in doing so to make the process as less painful as possible and I'm grateful for that.

Sarah, our location coordinator in London, has been excellent in helping us ease into London in the best way possible and keeping us from developing culture shock. I couldn't have had a better coordinator as she made sure to provide us interns with a very enjoyable time in the city.

Overall, I really enjoyed my time interning for GE. The program has given me so many wonderful opportunities and helped me expand my global network. I've made so many lasting friends while I was here and the enriching culture has provided me so much insight into the world as a whole. I definitely would recommend this type of program to anyone that's even remotely interested.

Yes, I recommend
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London's Calling

Interning in London was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Global Experiences is a wonder program that guides you throughout the whole process and is there to give support wherever needed. They work very hard to find an internship that fits you best and once they find you one, they help you to nail your interview and get the job. Once in London, you'll grow both professionally and individually throughout your experience. Plus, you get to do a bit of traveling if you wish. Who wouldn't love that?

My internship was at a young people's service that provided support for those that suffer from drug/alcohol problems. I learned so much from my colleagues, I got to apply my degree to real life situations, and make some great new connections. I am so thankful that I took a leap of faith and went to London.

This is definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity that you don't want to miss out on!

Yes, I recommend
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Museum Intern

As an art history and museum fanatic I was absolutely enthralled when I found out I was accepted into Global Experiences London intern program. I had the opportunity to intern at a museum and it helped me determine exactly what I want out of my degree and future job. The staff was phenomenal and I made lasting friendships with my colleagues. As for London, the museum and cultural scene over here is fantastic, theres always a new off-the-beat and track farmers market or clothing market to attend on weekends. The museums are off the chart and they always have new exhibitions going on! The real prize though are your weekends, flying to other countries quickly became a priority of mine which I was so happy to experience. The workers at GE not only let you have your freedom, but they encourage it! It was a jam packed month full of work experience and real world experience too. I wouldn't have done it any other way.

Yes, I recommend
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An Unforgettable Summer

I had the most amazing summer interning in London with Global Experiences! I got to work at a law firm and certainly had a professional experience that would not have been possible without Global Experience's facilitation, especially not domestically, given that I'm an undergraduate student. Living in London for two months was incredibly fun, and there was not a dull day. I wouldn't trade this experience for anything else!

Yes, I recommend
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The Summer of a Lifetime

I have always wanted to travel overseas, whether it be for work or a study abroad. I was on the fence about doing a study abroad, but then when I found out about Global Experiences, I completely changed my mind. Why not WORK overseas? Global Experiences was very helpful throughout the whole process, from getting my passport, all the way till I made it to London! They placed me in my dream job, and I could have not had a better experience. I would recommend this program to anyone who loves traveling, meeting new people of all kinds and especially someone who is looking to grow professionally and emotionally.

How can this program be improved?

The only thing I can think of that would improve this program is including more options for areas of work placement!

Yes, I recommend

GE and London

I interned with the Osman Studio, which as so amazing I can't even begin to tell you. I was very impressed with how Global Experiences was able to find me such a high end internship in the fashion industry so quickly. My internship was my favorite part of my trip to London, and considering it was my first time out of the country, that's really saying something! GE is also amazing when it comes to encouraging you to explore your city. There was no shortage of resources they gave you of things to check out. I stayed an extra week after my internship to vist all the sites I wanted to see and my parents were able to come visit me too. Global Experiences is a wonderful and safe company to take you to the next level in your career, abroad.

How can this program be improved?

While my living situation was safe and convenient, it wasn't very nice or super comfortable.

Yes, I recommend
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The best experience I could have ever asked for

This summer I had the ability to travel for the first time outside of the United States and do an internship through Global Experiences. I chose to do my internship in London because as an individual who uses a wheelchair, London was the most modern city and was more likely to have improved accommodations compared to older countries.

Before arriving, I was worried that I was going to have a lot of issues maneuvering around London. While I did have issues as London isn't as accessible as the States are, Global Experiences was willing to help me whenever I needed it. Sarah, my location coordinator, was always on call if I had a problem with the bus system or needed to figure out a better way to get to my destination. In addition, getting a flat through Global Experiences made it so much easier as I could focus my time on the trip itself. Unfortunately, my flat room was not as accessible as I had hoped, but I don't put that on Global Experiences.

Through this trip, I not only gained professional experience that will benefit me in my future career, but I also gained a lot of strength and reminded myself that I can do anything despite being in a wheelchair. Had I not went through with Global Experiences, I would not have seen Harry Potter and The Cursed Child, watched Wimbledon and met the winners of the Mens Wheelchair Doubles, or taken a day trip to see Stonehenge and Bath.

For anyone thinking of going through with Global Experiences, do it. You will have an experience of a lifetime. Something you should really take advantage of are the events that GE puts on - these events were very well thought out and can help you get to know your fellow interns better.

Yes, I recommend
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Summer Internship in London

I took a leap of faith and decided to intern abroad in London, a place I'd always wanted to go back to after visiting for the first time in 2011! I would say overall that I'm quite happy with everyone involved in the Global Experiences process! It was all exciting, and I appreciated the coaching calls and resume assistance. They made everything very clear to me and made sure I understood everything I needed to get done before coming to London. It was very easy to reach out to my program advisor for any questions and she would always be very helpful.

Our living accommodations were also excellent; the flats are equipped with everything you would ever need and it was extremely fun getting to know the other interns in such a close location to everything. The biggest plus was how close our flat was to a lot of the main attractions. There was a tube station less than a 3-minute walk and also many bus stops around the area. Our location coordinator was extremely friendly, nice and always available to chat.

I got placed at an awesome advertising agency on a marketing role involved in a lot of brand, client, and product research. My internship placement worked out perfectly and Global experiences know what they're doing when they are matching you up to a company. They always make sure you are receiving everything you are looking for so that it turns into a memorable and growing experience.

Another plus was the events that they put on for the interns. We received a welcome party to meet all the interns, multiple day trips, and an exit orientation at the Shard. I chose Global Experiences to help me along; I definitely think London is amazing and my experience could not have gone any better!

Yes, I recommend
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Spring Semester London Internship

Getting the opportunity to live and work in a city like London is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Learning to navigate a foreign city, gaining work experience, making valuable connections in your chosen industry, and living outside your comfort zone - the benefits of this program go on.
The staff at Global Experience did an excellent job from the initial stages of finding placement to the stay in London. I would recommend the program for anyone looking to advance their career and travel abroad. I feel lucky to have the chance to live and work in such a fascinating city like London and absolutely recommend this program to anyone looking to grow personally and professionally!

Yes, I recommend
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Fall Internship in London

I took the plunge and decided to intern abroad in London, a place I'd always wanted go to! I decided almost a year in advance because I wanted to be sure on the program administration and all of the small details involved. I would say overall that I'm quite happy with everyone involved in the Global Experiences process! It was all exciting, and I appreciated the coaching calls and resume assistance.

Our living accommodations were also excellent; this was the first time I have ever lived on my own and it was extremely fun getting to know the other interns in such a close location to everything. Our location coordinator was extremely friendly, nice and always available to chat.

I got placed at a cool fashion forecasting agency where I took on a marketing role involved in a lot of brand and client research. I also got to participate in the creative writing for trend descriptions which was fun! Attending a press event and photographing designer clothes was also a highlight. I had lovely team members who I will greatly miss.

Stonehenge was a blast, along with Windsor Castle, seeing Wicked and other awesome adventures. Winter Wonderland is also gorgeous near Christmas! I'm glad I chose Global Experiences to help me along; I definitely think London is amazing but also an easy place to feel isolated as there are so many people! Starting out with a small community of friends and mentors really made London feel like a place I could call home.

Yes, I recommend
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Best summer of my life

I joined the GE Summer programme this year as a psychology intern at a drug and alcohol service that is based in South London. As some background information, I am an Indonesian national who completed my undergraduate university degree in Australia. What initially attracted me to apply for the programme is the fact that GE is the only international internship provider that arranges internships in the career field of psychology (in London too, no less, as well as in Dublin and NYC). However, as I went through each stage of the (fairly straightforward) application procedure and eventually arrived in the UK myself, I learnt that there were so many more advantages to joining the GE Summer programme than just that.

Firstly, the extremely high level of care and attention that GE provides is noticeable right from the get-go. Despite being quite a seasoned traveller and expat in a few countries myself, I wouldn't have survived in London without their professional, efficient, and friendly guidance along the way, which included a personalised CV and cover letter writing workshop, a very comprehensive pre-departure seminar, as well as continuous on-site support during my stay in the UK. In addition, to me, the immensely enjoyable time that I had at my workplace also speaks volumes about the effort that goes into finding the right companies to place their interns at.

Secondly, the accommodation in which they house their interns, including myself, is located in a safe and well-connected area in London's Zone 1 (Farringdon/Clerkenwell, to be exact). Although the rooms, including bathrooms, are on the small side (a given in Central London, it seems!), all the facilities in the apartment make for a pleasant stay, such as a spacious kitchen and dining area, access to the gym, on-site laundry service, and 24-hour security.

Thirdly, GE organises many exciting social outings, which, in the time that I did the programme, included day trips to Brighton and Bath, a culinary tour of East London, a cooking class, and post-exit orientation drinks at The Shard.

To sum up, I would definitely recommend GE to anyone who would love a massively rewarding and unforgettable opportunity to grow professionally (as well as personally!). Thank you so much everyone at GE for everything!

Yes, I recommend

Best time of my life!

Having this experience has helped me grow as a person both professionally and personally! I've learned so much about what I love and the career I am getting into. Global experiences made everything so easy and gave me opportunities to try new things that I may not have done otherwise! I made churros for the first time at our cooking class and it was an odd experience I'll never forget! Of course, a trip to the Shard was an amazing experience too!

Yes, I recommend

Best Summer of My Life

My summer in London with Global Experiences was the summer of a lifetime. As a computer science major, I had the opportunity to work for a really cool tech start-up app in London that focused on the promotion of different cultural and lifestyle events, venues, restaurants, nightlife, etc. I got to work closely with their tech, business, and marketing teams throughout the internship, which helped my understanding of how these teams work together to be a successful company.

In addition to internship placements, Global Experiences also provided a very social and global Summer. I happily reflect back on my time abroad recalling the wonderful friendships I made with intelligent students from around the world, the buzz that comes with living in central London (and just a two minute walk from the Farringdon tube station!), and the sense of adventure that the program ignited in me. I very much enjoyed the program's excursions such as day trips to Stonehenge, Bath, and Brighton Beach, and a trip to The Shard, in addition to cooking classes and East End food tours. With friends from the program, I also had the opportunity to travel to Cambridge, the Olympic Park, and other famous British towns and sightseeinng locations. I even met one of my best friends through the program, and after the program was completed, we embarked on a 9-day backpacking trip through Europe!

This summer truly was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life and I absolutely recommend it to anyone interested in gaining work experience abroad!

How can this program be improved?

I think it would be really neat if a tour to one of the famous universities in England was added to the list of program excursions. I visited the University of Cambridge separately, and as an American student, I found it very interesting to see what the university culture is like in other countries.

Yes, I recommend

Amazing Experience

Summer internship in London with Global Experiences absolutely exceeded my expectation. I have gained both professional and personal development.
I was placed in the IT department of an real estate company and was given the opportunity to write my own application under the help of my supervisor and coworkers. It was a such a valuable learning experience. Housing is AMAZING and it is totally worth the cost.
London is such a diverse city, unlike anywhere I have ever been, even though I have a diverse background myself. I would absolutely recommend anyone to give it a try. It will change your life.

Yes, I recommend

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