Do you guys recommend doing a home stay or staying with fellow Americans? And what neighborhood do you recommend living in?

Posted by Natalie 8 years 6 months ago

If you recommend doing a home stay would you recommend staying with an Italian student, young professional, or living with a family? Thank you!


This program doesn't offer home stay, or at least they didn't when I studied abroad. I really enjoyed living with another American because it allowed us to enjoy the diversity and discover the differences in culture together. We are now life long friends with my roommates because of it.

In regards to the neighborhood. I honestly think that it doesn't matter where you live. Each neighborhood has it's benefits and downsides, but you will enjoy where you end up and experience the culture nonetheless. The benefit of living closer to the school was that it gave me the opportunity to head home between classes. It was a farther commute on the weekends to nightlife compared to Downtown and Midtown, but wasn't terribly far regardless.

Hope this helped!

When choosing between a home stay and an apartment with other students, you should think about your personal habits, likes, and goals. A home stay is a fabulous option for students wanting to practice and better their language skills. It is also an amazing opportunity to build a connection with a family across the world. I have never heard of a student having a bad experience!

The advantages of living with other students is there is more freedom to do as you please. If you are a go go goer, always going out in the city and traveling a lot, perhaps you should consider an apartment.

Think about your personal preferences and what you think you would enjoy the most! Home stays come with a loving family, food, and language practice. Whereas apartments come with freedom, independence, and an experience of living with new students/friends!