Wildlife Rehab: Rescue Orphaned and Injured Animals!

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Hi Sam, Thank you for your questions. This project is at different locations in Canada. In most cases the ranches are quite isolated. Usually there is a small nearby town nearby but it is very much set in nature. This is perfect for volunteers looking to be in the Outdoors. Fronteering

A visitor visa

HI Alicia, Thank you for your information. Do you have a visa for Canada? Kind regards, Patrick van de Velde

Hi Bruce, Age is normally speaking not an issue but being physical fit is important. Also being aware that most of our programs are quite remote and can be several hours away from the nearest hospital. You are interested in the husky ranch? For how many weeks and from what dates? Best regards, Patrick van de Velde

Hi Alycia, The minimum is 4 weeks and the max is 12 weeks. Best regards, Fronteering

Hello Jose, Pleasant greetings to you and I hope you are doing well. Thank you for your inquiry and interest! Possibility exists as long as you are able to get a tourist/visitor visa. All for your information and I hope to hear from you soon! Kind regards, Yusuf Abraham Fronteering

Hi Elena, Yes, no problem at all. We will provide you with the documentation to enter Canada. Best regards, Fronteering