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4 to 12 weeks

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Small Group (1-15)
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Solo Women


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-Accommodation: A bunkhouse on the property which volunteers will be living in. There is a living room, kitchen, and dining room attached to the kitchen. Volunteers will have to share their bedroom. Laundry Facilities provided.
-Hostel: You will need to stay 1 night at a hostel in Toronto.
-Mail-holding service
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-24/7 Emergency contact
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Oct 26, 2020
Jan 12, 2019
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About Program

This amazing volunteer project is located in beautiful and lake-filled Ontario, not far from Canada's famous great lakes. You'll have the opportunity to help, rescue and rehabilitate orphaned and injured animals!

The project is in need of help all year round. This wildlife centre specializes in the care and rehabilitation of animals small to large. The work with the wildlife at the centre is physically demanding and it is by no means an easy holiday option! The minimum duration is 4 weeks and maximum duration of stay is 12 weeks. This gives the animals a chance to get to know and trust you, and it requires a little time to learn their routine. Come be part of an experience that is truly rewarding!

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Program Highlights

  • Help, rescue and rehabilitate Native North American wildlife at our Rehab Centre in Ontario!
  • Volunteer in Canada's Ontario, famous for its many lakes and beautiful autumn forest colours!
  • The location provides a great opportunity to view wildlife, visit Toronto, bike, hike or swim.

Program Impact

You will have a big impact on the project. Not only will you be helping to rescue, rehabilitate and release as much wildlife animals as possible that come into the sanctuary but you will be giving the animals another chance at survival. You will be considered one of the staff during your stay and your jobs will include feeding, administering medical treatments, veterinary related tasks, food preparation, cleaning, laundry, participating in building projects and so much more. The project depends on volunteers like you who give their time freely to help out a wonderful cause.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Wildlife volunteering Ontario, Canada, 2018

I am really not good at this but here It goes. I am from Georgia USA and I needed to get some experience for my education back home. I am a biology student and I am planning to work in wildlife conservation and rescue after I graduate.

I chose this program since it was mentioned that it gives the best possible experience for my resume. There are different locations for this program but if you mention that you are looking for experience as this is your field of study then they will place you with the most relevant project which in my case was a wildlife hospital. I got a lot of experience and I learned quite a bit.

The area is also very nice and the great lakes are beautiful. Traveling around can be a bit difficult unless you have a rental car since it is quite isolated. My purpose was different of course but I am just saying if you are coming to travel and see places then its something you should be aware of.

What would you improve about this program?
What I would like other volunteers to know is that this project is not just 1 but there are different locations within Ontario and Fronteering choses which location you will go to. I like my location but I can't say much about the others.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Wildlife volunteering at a Rescue center in Ontario, Canada

I had a great time in Canada volunteering at the rescue center in Ontario. We were based about 2 hours from Toronto near some smaller towns. It was great to be rural while still being able to visit the nearby towns and on occasion Toronto when we had days off.

The animals are absolutely adorable and I loved bottle feeding them. I had a great time and I learned a lot about animal Husbandry. While volunteering at a rehab and rescue center is nothing fancy as like in the zoo's it is so much more rewarding since you get to release the animals back in to the wild.

Some people find it sad that the animals or that contact has to be avoided as much as possible but I learned that it is important for the animals (especially the bears) to not get attached/used to humans if they are going to have a chance at survival.

Great programs, Good service, can recommend it for sure!

What would you improve about this program?
There are more then one projects that fall under this program so it is not clear from the start at which location in Ontario you will be volunteering until after your placement has been confirmed. Not really an issue but something you should be aware of.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Dogsled volunteering in Canada

It's nearly six months ago since I left the Canadian bush. I stayed at a Canadian Husky ranch in BC over Spring so there was no dogsledding but it was still a great experience.

I Learned and saw so many new things. The wildlife is really great and I discovered almost every day a new animal. Here a little overview: a motherbear with 3 cubs, marmots, squirls, a lot of deers, snowrabbits (still with white paws, that looks funny), snowchickens, a gardensnake, different eagles and an endless amount of birds, known and unknown, including hummingbirds.

When I arrived Spring started and the flowers and plants slowly went in bloom and the first leaves started to grow on the trees. Down in the valley, the willows and daffodils started flourishing. It was still a bit cold at first and it was difficult to imagine that the temp goes up to 85 degrees or more.

The huskies behavior was pretty good and I didn't have any troubles with them. I knew them now by their names and I fed them every day twice and changed the water. Another thing we did is brushing the dogs because they're changing from winter to summer fur.

As the dogs just came out of winter season they need to relax a lot but we did do a lot of hikes and walks with the dogs. We also cut and split trees for firewood (for the next long winter), painted dog- and beeboxes and did other daily jobs around house and garden. The couple I lived with is also managing a camping resort with cabins, which they owned some years ago, for the the new owner. It's on a very nice lake and we spend there some days a week to cut dry grass, repair some facilities and get rid of old things, because the resort was absolutely disregarded in the last years. And I can drive with a V8 7.2 l truck with 4 wheel drive on the worst road I've ever seen, that's not only a pleasure. It’s a great experience!

I am a real Texan growing up very rural on a farm (diary) so for me to be on a different type of ranch and experience the Canadian outdoor life was great! Thanks Fronteering!

What would you improve about this program?
If you want to dogsled come for Winter. Or from September and onwards they start racing with carts and ATVS to get the dogs in to shape for winter.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Husky ranch dogsledding volunteering in Canada

I joined the husky ranch program of Fronteering earlier this year. I arrived early March which was towards the end of the winter season of course but it still got a good 6 weeks of dogsledding in which was great.

I stayed a total of 10 weeks so the last 4 weeks we started working more towards preparing the ranch for summer. Seeing the place come to life during spring was also great. Summer I hear is also good time to go but if you want to have snow and do dogsledding in the snow then you need to go between Mid November and Mid April. Sure you can maybe dogsled before or after those dates depending on which ranch you will be placed at but to be assured I would recommend those dates.

Also it is good to know that not all ranches have the typical Siberian huskies. The ranch I went to had Alaskan huskies which is a mixed breed bred to be the perfect sled dog.

Dogsledding itself is so awesome, it is much faster then you think but also quite a work out!

What would you improve about this program?
Not a note to Fronteering but more to the volunteers. Fronteering provides a lot of info. Some of it easy to read over if you are that kind of person. Make sure you prepare yourself and read well!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Vancouver WIldlife volunteering

I volunteered for 8 weeks at a wildlife rehab in Vancouver. What a great time it was living in the greatest city in the world! Vancouver! The project and the animals were great, the people were so friendly and helpful! Thanks Fronteering!

The city has literally everything. Within 20 minutes you are in the mountains where you can see wildlife and go skiing while at the same time within a 20 minutes you can be at the beach. The views are so great everywhere and there is a lot to do especially for wildlife and outdoor lovers.

The wildlife center was great and I learned a lot and it helped me set my future choice to become a biologist. I can recommend this program to anyone who loves wildlife but who also likes to be comfortable and be in a city. .

What would you improve about this program?
By not having it end? I had a great time but the time went too fast!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Volunteering with wildlife Vancouver!

I traveled as a volunteer from Denmark to Vancouver to learn about Wildlife Rehabilitation as part of my study back home. I chose this program as I wanted to care for wildlife but also because I wanted to be in a city and not too isolated. Vancouver is of course the perfect choice for that as it has so much to do!

Vancouver is such a cool city being surrounded by mountains and the ocean while also being able to go to the movies, go party and visit shopping malls. But the best part were the mountains that I could visit on my days off. The views of the city are amazing!

I loved my time at the project caring for all the animals while having a great time exploring the city and spending time with my host family. I want to thank Fronteering for their great help to make this all possible, the host family for their great care and the wildlife project for their great experience!

What would you improve about this program?
nothing I can think of right now. I like the program and was happy.
83 people found this review helpful.

Questions & Answers

Hi Sam, Thank you for your questions. This project is at different locations in Canada. In most cases the ranches are quite isolated. Usually there is a small nearby town nearby but it is very much set in nature. This is perfect for volunteers looking to be in the Outdoors. Fronteering

A visitor visa

HI Alicia, Thank you for your information. Do you have a visa for Canada? Kind regards, Patrick van de Velde

Hi Bruce, Age is normally speaking not an issue but being physical fit is important. Also being aware that most of our programs are quite remote and can be several hours away from the nearest hospital. You are interested in the husky ranch? For how many weeks and from what dates? Best regards, Patrick van de Velde