Are the internships paid?

Posted by Lalis Manzur 5 years ago


Our volunteer and internship positions are unpaid. We have found that interns get much greater long-term value out of their experience if it is clear to the host company that the intern is looking for learning & mentoring, as opposed to money (which would typically be entry-level pay anyhow). Also, getting a visa that allows paid work is difficult, expensive and time-consuming. Honestly you’re better off getting huge value from an unpaid experience.

While high in career-related value, all internships are unpaid and organizations we work with understand that they need to provide “real” work experience that will benefit the intern. During the placement process, we work together to ensure that we find the best fit experience for you, where you’ll achieve your goals and receive a return on investment. Both start dates and durations are flexible, according to your schedule. For current program fees, please visit our website.