Teach English to a Host Family in Spain with CHI!

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They find families that are interested and then you submit information about you and pictures. For us we were able to skype and see if it was a good fit and it was!

Beginner level Spanish is the only requirement.

I feel like living in a Spanish speaking household for 3 months did improve my Spanish greatly because of forcing myself to adapt and be a sponge for learning.

The program fee for Spain is as follows: $1699 for 1-month, $1799 for 2-months and $1899 for 3-months. It turns out to be cheaper the longer you stay!

The English lessons can be available for all family members. Normally, our volunteers teach the children English after school. These lessons are very informal and we provide you with ample tutoring guidelines and materials. The parents may also want to practice English with you too! The main objective is to get your family to open up and feel comfortable communicating with you in English. We also...

Hey Leticia! CHI works with a several agencies in Spain to find our host families. We do our best to make sure the family you are placed with is your ideal match. You will get to contact them via email and Skype before you meet them. Then, once you arrive in Spain, you will have a local coordinator to offer 24-hour support throughout your stay. If there are any issues with your host family, we...