Teach English to a Host Family in Spain with CHI!
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Teach English to a Host Family in Spain with CHI!

Explore the World with CHI!
In addition to our usual homestay programs, we are excited to announce that we also have some Au Pair Abroad, International Internship and Volunteer Abroad opportunities in select countries. We can also design Gap Year by combining multiple programs tailor made just for you!

Join Cultural Homestay International's World Explorers program in Spain! CHI offers native English speakers the opportunity to volunteer in Spain by living with a host-family and providing a maximum of 15 hours a week of English lessons. This is an ideal opportunity to practice your Spanish at the same time.

CHI offers placements in Barcelona, Madrid and Sevilla. This program offers a great opportunity to explore one of the most popular destinations in Europe while also learning about Spanish culture and traditions.

In addition to offering English lessons, this is a chance of a lifetime to learn about the culture and history of Spain by living with a host-family. While volunteers are asked to be respectful of their host families time, there are plenty of opportunities to travel and explore Spain during your program. Visit the CHI website at chinet.org/we to learn more about the conversation programs in Spain. Be sure to apply early - Spain was the most popular destination in 2017!

  • Build your resume
  • Learn a new language and culture
  • Safe option for first time travelers
  • 24-hour support system
  • Make friends and have fun
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They find families that are interested and then you submit information about you and pictures. For us we were able to skype and see if it was a good fit and it was!
I feel like living in a Spanish speaking household for 3 months did improve my Spanish greatly because of forcing myself to adapt and be a sponge for learning.
The program fee for Spain is as follows: $1699 for 1-month, $1799 for 2-months and $1899 for 3-months. It turns out to be cheaper the longer you stay!

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Program Reviews (3)

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24 years old
Austin, TX
Cornell University



I went to Spain and spent 3 months in both Madrid (2 weeks) and Algeciras (2 months). I definitely recommend traveling abroad to anyone and everyone with the opportunity to do so. It is a unique experience that gives you a valuable perspective on your current life, no matter where you go.

With this program, you are teaching English to the children of the host families. I would almost always speak English to the kids and spanish to the parents. For me, the teaching was mostly conversational and I really liked that about it -- it's a breath of fresh air to get away from the books for a few months. There is a lot of time to hang out and do fun things while technically "working". For example, we went to the grocery store to learn names of fruits and vegetables, we learned conversational vocal while watching Harry Potter, and we practiced our grammar while writing letters to each other. The program is very open to your own interpretation of how you want to teach. That's the best part about it.

How can this program be improved?

I would recommend some transparency with the cost. Although the price is modest for everything we receive, I am pretty sure a good portion of the cost is administrative.

I would also recommend finding another way to present the orientation materials. I glanced at them at the beginning and did not touch them during my stay, and I know I'm not the only participant to do so. Video or picture works best with the content. I'd leave documents to concrete items, such as a sample schedule for the week or lists of ideas of things to talk about or to do with the kids we are teaching.

Lastly, I think there should be a survey that families and participants fill out in order to find better matches such that each party receives exactly what they are looking for in this experience.

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19 years old
East Hampton, New York
University of Richmond

A must do


This program is a must do for everyone, not only do you get first hand experience with another culture, but you are able to do it easily, cheaply and safely. If you are ever considering taking some time off, this is the program to do it through. You can not regret doing this.

How can this program be improved?

It really is close to perfect, if it was less expensive it would be great, because I did feel that I wasnt exactly sure where my money was going but as it is a non-for profit, I felt somewhat more assured.

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32 years old
Burkina Faso

Valencia was Awesome!


The ECVA program fulfilled our dream to live in another country. We were lucky enough to live in Spain for 3 months and experience their unique lifestyle, embrace their culture and learn a new language. We chose Spain because Arizona has a large Spanish influence and we figured it may be the most beneficial country for us to live and tutor in. The highlights of our stay was roaming around Valencia learning their history and enjoying the beautiful city. The program provides a lot of free time so we took advantage of it to enjoy the Spanish cuisine, go to the beach, tour the city and admire the architecture, churches, museums, etc. We also enjoyed spending time with our families that we tutored and learning about their traditions and everyday life.

About The Provider


Cultural Homestay International is an international non-profit organization dedicated to increasing cultural awareness through people-to-people exchanges. CHI believes that the best way to build bridges and friendships between culture is to experience different cultures, values, and customs first-hand.

In the spirit of cross-cultural exchange, CHI