I've heard that the Dress Code is pretty professional, is that true? How would you describe the style in Amsterdam?

Posted by Violet Peschiera 3 years 8 months ago


Hey violet!

My name is Nate, and I studied in Amsterdam during the fall 2018 semester.

Regarding the dress code, it’s true that the majority of the Dutch citizens do dress professionally, but this mostly applies to the older generation who work daily. The younger folks tend to dress more casually, muted browns, beige, black and whites, minimal patterns etc.

However, I was a student at the UvA, which has a very strong international program, meaning there was a variety of fashion that I was exposed to in my day to day, including those of my home country (USA)

Additionally, Amsterdam is the tourist capital of the Netherlands, so there will be plenty of people wearing less professional clothing while there in particular.

Overall, I would say the biggest change in my wardrobe since going to Amsterdam was the reduction of sweat pants. In the US, it’s perfectly normal to go to class in sweat pants, tights, yoga pants etc, but the Dutch definitely never do so. In fact, most people that wear sweatpants are labeled as a tourist instantly because it’s so rare to see.

In order to prepare, I wouldn’t worry too much about looking professional since you will be a student. Also, i would be sure to bring enough jeans, khakis, corduroys, overalls etc because that’s what you’ll want to wear (i personally would feel very strange walking around in sweatpants). And you’ll only need to bring a couple of sweat pants or pajama bottoms.

If you have further questions do feel free to email me! nrschmid@owu.edu

It definitely is more business casual on a daily basis. People do not wear leggings and athleisure wear in Amsterdam the way we do in America. Lots of denim and printed pants. Very H&M and Zara vibes.