Volunteer in France: Renovation, Construction & Social Work

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Sorry for my delay. So long as you are willing and able there aren't age restrictions. But volunteers under 18 years old are required to submit a signed Parent/Guardian Authorization Form prior to participation. To find a project, follow these 4 steps: 1. Enter your information and preferences on our search page at https://vfp.org/projects/ 2. Select “Search Projects” Any available projects will...

Bila, Sorry for the late response. Sometimes this is a possibility. It depends on the project. Many projects allow 13 yr olds, if their parents accompany them. See also https://vfp.org/projects/ to search for projects or feel free to email me at vfp@vfp.org Thanks Matt at VFP

One's experience is truly up to the individual. Being an English speaker I was surrounded by fellow English speaking internationals which enabled me to be comfortable and not go outside the box. Every meal we would go get the baguette and that was a moment to try French. The evenings were usually free unless one explored with the group or had an activity planned. I guess one could meet locals in...

Hi Dylan, Each project has a $500 registration fee ($650 for teens) that includes accommodation, food, leadership and work materials during the project. Flights are not included though.