Is immersion part of the program?

Posted by Taylor Desilva 4 years 6 months ago

I'm looking for a fun way to learn about culture, meet people, and also improve my French speaking skills. Would this be that program?


One's experience is truly up to the individual. Being an English speaker I was surrounded by fellow English speaking internationals which enabled me to be comfortable and not go outside the box. Every meal we would go get the baguette and that was a moment to try French. The evenings were usually free unless one explored with the group or had an activity planned. I guess one could meet locals in town (which was quite a walk away from the camp in Leucate) at a coffee house or bar.

Currently, I reside in S Korea as an English teacher. I am overwhelmed by the linguistic and cultural barrier. Working 50 hours a week exhausts me and I have not been working on the language. Work camp is very light like 20 hours a week, so you would have time and energy.