Where do participants in program typically live -- the city of Madrid or in Alcala de Henares? Is there housing assistance?

Posted by Caroline Brock 5 years 11 months ago


Hi Caroline! Great question. For the Teach & Learn in Spain Program, we recommend that students live near the school where they will be completing their assistantship. Many students live in Madrid capital or in Alcalá, it's based on their person preference. Some people like the busy city life and others prefer university cities like Alcalá. The great part of this program is that you will be in the region of Madrid, where there are diverse communities and a variety of places to live. Also, Madrid is ranked 6th on CNN Travel's best metro systems in the world. As for housing assistance, the university does not provide housing, but you will receive a monthly stipend. Our office is more than willing to help in your search for housing. Keep in mind that the average rent for the region of Madrid can range from 250 euros to 400 euros, in a shared apartment.