Are the volunteers well supervised?

Posted by Christine Nolan 8 years ago

My daughter is planning on going to Peru for the medical program. I am concerned about adequate supervision.


I did my volunteership with Projects Abroad 7 years ago, so maybe things have changed since. But from what I recall the P.A team often came to visit us in our homes or during work, to check if we were doing ok. And we had weekly or biweekly meetings.
However, there weren't very strong guidelines as on what we specifically had to do. Most of the time we were left alone to manage our time and work, be creative and decide ourselves how we would collaborate with the teachers or with the children.

The supervision I received during my projects abroad experience was great. I felt supported in the midst of a difficult volunteer placement.

I did my volunteer abroad 7 years ago and at the Animal Conservation in Peru so my perspective may be a little different, but while I was there volunteers are supervised to an extent. However volunteers are left alone when not working which is quite often, and its hard for new volunteers who don't know much of the area. Doing more group activities not related with volunteering would help people feel more comfortable faster. Overall I found the experience to be nothing like I imagined and overpriced.