Is the hostel only for IKo Poran's volunteers?

Posted by Natalia Soares campos teichmann 4 years 11 months ago

Is the hostel a regular one or is it only for the programs volunteers?


The Iko Poran program taking part in Rio de Janeiro included the hostel costs with breakfast.

The volunteers all lived together sharing the rooms. But the volunteering group was quite a small group (no more than 10-15 at the time) so not the whole hostel was booked for us. But it was set in a way that we could be as comfortable as possible with the living situation.

The hostel was for everyone but is currently closed down! Volunteers will be staying a very affordable bed and breakfast in santa theresa!

Nowadays we only use a hostel and a volunteer house. Last July we had 25 volunteers at a time, 10 at the house and 15 at the hostel. They are both located in Santa Teresa neighborhood and volunteers usually do things together.