What is the one thing you realized you needed to bring?

Posted by Keli Russell 3 years 8 months ago

Hello, I will be going to Hanoi with UBELONG this coming summer. What is the one thing you realized you're so happy you brought or needed to bring and what item could you have left at home?


Wet wipes are the best travel tool. Good for wiping your face after a long sweaty day, wiping your hands before eating if you don't have a sink or access to fresh water, and usable as toilet paper - just don't flush it! And don't count on local preferences for things like sunscreen and bug spray, you may be sorely disappointed.

Don't bother bringing an umbrella, or even a fancy raincoat. Plastic ponchos cost about the equivalent of a dollar and they are available everywhere. The raincoat you have for home is probably too heavy, too short, not breathable enough, or less waterproof than you think (I learned that the hard way), and you'll be locally fashionable if you pick up one of the ubiquitous ponchos when you arrive.