Do you need to know any Japanese before applying?

Posted by Charlotte Brodie 2 years 4 months ago


Hi Charlotte, you don't have to know any Japanese to apply! Sending in your application is free and only takes a few minutes. Head here to begin:

It helps to know at least beginner Japanese to participate in our program in Fukuoka. If you need to brush up your skills you can start with Japanese language classes in Fukuoka before you start working.

Our Ski Resort program does not require any Japanese but is best for those interested in living and working at a ski resort.

Otherwise, our Japan Send Off Package allows you to live and work anywhere in Japan (not restricted to Fukuoka or a ski resort) and doesn't require any Japanese at all. We show you how to find a job and place as a foreigner and help you get set up to enjoy life in Japan, where you choose to live! Check it out: