Did you live in close proximity to the townships? How much interaction did you have with the local community?

Posted by Jacob Moody 7 years 4 months ago


At African Impact St Lucia, the volunteer house is in the touristy, rather wealthy town of St Lucia and the rural communities you work in (Khula, Dukuduku and Ezwenelisha) are a 10 minute drive away. The majority of projects take place in these three communities including holiday club, reading club, mother support groups, community groups and English classes.

At African Impact Cape town, you live in Cape Town and drive to the projects in the townships in the morning, its about 30 min drive. You feel completely safe while on project as well. In my project the Sports development one we work in schools and run PE sessions then in the afternoon we work with GAPA, help run an afterschool club. Its great fun and feel that you can make an impact as well.

no i have not but i am really looking forward to be experiencing such glorious moments where i wil showing my human communication skills i acquired at school