Aliore: Live with and teach English to a family in France!

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Hello Juliet, On the principle yes because families ar busy during day time but of course it will depend on the family's location and if you have the right to work in France (only Europeans can)... You will be asked to interact with the family in the evenings and during weekends. You have free time during weekdays (except on Wednesday as kids are not at school that day so you can share moments...

Yes any native English speaker can take part to this tutoring programme. Most families are looking for conversation in the everyday life!

Hello Julie, You will feel more comfortable if you have some knowledge of French but we have many families happy to welcome beginners so that they are sure to practice their English! We have families for everyone, so whatever is your level of French, you are welcome!

Depending on how long you plan to go to France, the costs vary! 4 weeks : 390 € 8 weeks : 490 € 12 weeks : 590 € Hope that helps! Here's the link for more info:

Yes if your English is perfect, then it is possible to take part to this programme and if your native language is Spanish, it is even more interesting as we have families interested in practising both languages!