Do I need to apply for a Cuban visa on my own, or is that done through the program application?

Posted by Austin Harrison 4 years 6 months ago


Every visitor to Cuba is required to present a visa (also known as Tourist Card) on entry into Cuba. For visitors from US, Canada, Central American countries and the Caribbean - you are lucky! You can buy your visa at your departure airport - either when you check in or at the gate (transit passengers). Fees to buy the visa vary but range from $30 upwards.

For US travellers this is the only practical way to get a visa. NOTE : there is no need to apply to OFAC (part of the US Department of the Treasury regulating travel to Cuba) as was the case in years gone by. Moreover our programs comply with the SUPPORT THE CUBAN PEOPLE category of approved travel to Cuba.

Europeans and others from outside the above countries are less lucky... and are required to obtain a visa before you get to your departure airport. You can get this from your nearest Cuban Embassy (online or in person) or using one of many online visa service providers. The process is usually as simple as answering a few questions online, paying a fee and then the visa (= Tourist Card) is posted out to you.

Corazon Cuba do not provide a visa service but we are happy to provide specific advice depending your nationality and where you are flying from.