How much money should one save to take part in an internship?

Posted by shiba rabiee 5 years 2 months ago


Hello Shiba! Thank you for your excellent question and I am happy to provide some information related to the costs/funding for an international internship program.

Each CRCC Asia program has a cost associated with the services of internship placement, visa processing (if applicable), accommodation, and other inclusions. Therefore, each program location (and duration) will carry a different program price related to the cost of living in each city. Specific prices for the CRCC Asia programs can be found on our website: and are also offered in many different currencies.

To the point above, each city carries a different average cost in terms of a typical day of meals, transport, etc. You can search the internet for example budgets related to the city you are considering for your programs, and can also compare the CRCC Asia program prices as there is a wide variety of price points.

- Tyler (CRCC Asia Advisor)