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Hi Amina, thanks for your question. Yes we offer summer internship programs for undergrad communication engineers starting from 6 weeks!

Hi Harshita! Yes, there are computer science and IT placement opportunities, for example, interns have been previously placed at Minttwist- based in London!

Hi Alexandra, thanks for your question! Yes, we do offer electrical engineering internships. Our hubs for engineering are Hong Kong, Chile and Madrid. All of our internship placements are in English as well.

Hi Audi, thanks for your question. Yes we offer internships in London in Government & Politics, NGOs and non-profits and many other fields relating to International Relations. We've previously placed interns in UK parliament!

Hi Mann! Yes we offer Mechanical Engineering opportunities in Colombia, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Hi Diana! We do offer medical electives internships in Colombia in the following areas: Accident & Emergency, General Surgery, Pediatrics, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Clinical Medicine and Psychiatry. You must have completed at least 2 years of Medical School to be eligible for our Medical Electives.

In order to participate, interns must be 18 years old or over. Here's the link for more FAQs: I hope that helps!


Hi Ernestine, the biggest factor here is making sure you are eligible for the appropriate visa. For example, if you are an american you must be there on the Tier-5 "Intern in Britain" visa.

Most people were in their early 20s (20-23) with several people around 25-27. Hope this helps!