How big was the class size? Are they broken up based on your level of Spanish?

Posted by Edwin Howell 8 years 9 months ago


As I said before, it is great to email Naatik directly with all of these questions as they are super responsive. I know that the flow of students coming to study Spanish differs greatly depending on the time of the year, but classes are always small. We were given placement tests before we came to determine what level we were.

In our case, my two children were in one class, and my husband and I were in another. There was another woman studying there who was more advanced, and she had her own private class. Catharine Gray, the founder of the school, offered my husband (who is more advanced) the opportunity to study with the other more advanced student, or to even work with her part time and me part time.

I guess the point is, classes are small and personal. If you say you want to work on something very specific like, say, legal language, they will make that happen.

The curriculum is looser and less set in stone than at other schools (we studied at a school in Argentina with a very rigorous, graduated program where they figured out exactly your level and then started you there and moved forward). Here, it seemed like you could walk in and request to work on something specific and they would work with you. Or not. You could just want to get better.

Totally and exactly they are decided by the level and I never saw a class bigger than 2. I came alone and had one other person come into my program a week in and they were at a similar level.