Do you learn how to teach IN Thailand?

Posted by Chase Glantz 8 years 8 months ago


Yes, you do learn how to teach IN Thailand! I had absolutely no teaching experience when I left to Thailand. I had just graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Political Science and decided to give it a try. Through Greenheart travel you can sign up to take the TESOL course upon arrival in Thailand. When you get there, their partner organization XploreAsia takes over and you get a one week orientation into the culture and language of Thailand. This is followed by a 3 week TESOL course where you will be provided with all the information and skills you will need to teach English as a second language. You even have a couple days of actual teaching practice during the course at a local school during those three weeks. Then the XploreAsia team assigns you a teaching placement and you're off to teach! Of course if you already have an TESOL/TEFL/CELTA you can go through Greenheart Travel and do just the first orientation week and they will find you a teaching placement after that.

You are given the opportunity to learn in Thailand! There is a TEFL course that is contracted through Xplore Asia (and equally amazing company) and it involves a one week orientation followed by 3 weeks of training! You can do the course in either Chiang Mai or Hua Hin :) hope this helps!

Yes, you learn how to teach IN Thailand and thank god! I had 0 experience besides babysitting (which doesn't even count) with teaching and the TESOL course prepares you as much as possible for the real thing. However, the real thing is a bit different than the classroom prep you do during the course because every school and every grade is different throughout the country. With that being said, I felt 100x more confident having had that preparation though and if I hadn't of had it, I don't know where my head would've been at the first day of school!