Teach English in Thailand on a Paid Semester or Summer Contract
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Teach English in Thailand on a Paid Semester or Summer Contract

Greenheart Travel’s paid English teaching program in Thailand is your chance to make an incredible impact in the classroom while getting paid to travel. Teaching placements are available in local schools in rural and urban communities throughout Thailand.

We also offer a TEFL certification in either Chiang Mai or Hua Hin before you begin teaching.

-Monthly guaranteed salary of at least 30,000 THB per month
-Placements in kindergartens, elementary, middle, and high schools
-Monthly start dates, year round
-Airport pickup, insurance for 4 months and excursions during a 1-week orientation are included

Program Fee:
- Teaching Placement Only: $1,570
- Teaching Placement + TESOL course: $2,370
- Summer 6 Week Teaching Program: $1550

  • One semester PAID contracts (semesters are around 4 months long but your commitment might be shorter if you arrive in the middle of a semester)
  • 1 week orientation (+ optional 3 week TESOL certification) in either Hua Hin or Chiang Mai
  • Paid summer 6-Week teaching program available
  • Insurance, excursions, and accommodation for your orientation and training period packaged in
  • Full support from Greenheart Travel staff before, during and after your teaching program
Hua Hin
Chiang Mai
3-6 Months
Salary / Benefits
-- Full time, paid teaching placement in Thailand with a guaranteed salary of at least 30,000 THB per month
-- International medical and accident insurance coverage provided for the first 4 months
-- Accommodation during orientation
-- TESOL Course Option: hotel accommodation is included for the entire month of your course
Native English Speaker
At a minimum, a degree equivalent to a U.S. 4 year bachelor’s degree
A TEFL/TESOL certification is required unless you majored in Education (but you can add this on as part of your program!)
Ages 20-50
Citizen of the US, CA, UK, Ireland, Au, NZ, South Africa
Be in great mental and physical health
No criminal record (with the exception of traffic or other minor violations)
An adventurous attitude and strong flexibility are a must
Weekly Classroom Hours
Classroom Audience
High School
Middle School
University Students
Some Accommodation
Some Activities
Some Meals
Age Min.
Starting Price
Price Details
-- Full time, paid teaching placement in Thailand with a guaranteed salary of at least 30,000 THB per month
-- Extensive international medical and accident insurance coverage provided for 4 months, including prescription coverage, medical maximum of $200,000, a $0 copay, ER visits, repatriation, and more.
-- Accommodation during orientation
-- TESOL Course Option: hotel accommodation is included for the entire month of your course
-- Pre-departure support and orientation from your experienced Greenheart Travel Program Manager, Sara.
-- Airport pickup in Bangkok or Chiang Mai
-- One week comprehensive orientation upon arrival including all excursions (Muay Thai fighting class, temple visits, cooking class, market visits, Thai language classes, and BBQ dinner on the last night)
-- Transfer from Bangkok to Hua Hin for Hua Hin Participants (Chiang Mai participants will fly directly to Chiang Mai)
-- 24 hour in-country support for duration of the program, including a 24/7 emergency phone number to reach staff at any time
-- “Culture Smart” Thailand Customs & Culture Guidebook
-- Greenheart Travel T-Shirt

Why do I have to pay for a job?
Programs like this one in Thailand don’t have direct government funding, so teachers who want to teach there must cover some of their own expenses. When programs cost money, we do try to keep them as cheap as possible (we are a non-profit!) but there are some costs associated with running a program when it does not have any direct funding. The program cost covers things like your insurance, orientation and excursions, accommodation during orientation (and the TESOL course if you add that on), support staff, airport pickup, transfers, administrative costs of placement and support, etc. Program staff will be available to answer any questions before and after arrival, and you’ll have access to 24/7 support if needed while in Thailand.

Questions & Answers

Yes, we have a 6 week program in the summertime!
Yes, you learn how to teach IN Thailand and thank god! I had 0 experience besides babysitting (which doesn't even count) with teaching and the TESOL course prepares you as much as possible for the real thing. However, the real thing is a bit different than the classroom prep you do during the course because every school and every grade is different throughout the country. With that being said, I...

Program Reviews

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  • Benefits 9.4
  • Support 9.6
  • Fun 9.3
  • Facilities 8.8
  • Safety 9.3
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Amazing Experience!

I can honestly say that this program changed my life! Greenheart Travel was a wonderful organization to work with, and Sara was especially helpful before my departure and throughout my time in Thailand. She was quick to answer my million questions and always provided thorough details. Everything was well organized and Greenheart made me feel very comfortable making the initial leap to move abroad. Upon arrival, you are linked up with a partner organization, Xplore Asia, that is also very helpful and knowledgable. I attended orientation and took the TESOL course in October and then started teaching on November 1st. Orientation was so much fun - completely filled with activities and useful information - and the people I spent my time with there became like family.

I was placed in a rural area almost directly between Bangkok and Chiang Mai to teach for a full semester. It was not always easy - very challenging at times, but defintiely worth it and I received ample support all along the way. My placement was nothing like what I could have ever predicted - but I wouldn't change a thing. They say in Thailand you don't always get exactly what you want, but you'll always get exactly what you need :)

I would recommend the program to anyone looking for a new adventure!

How can this program be improved?

Something that I would really recommend would be incorporating more meet up activities - especially around the holidays! I think spending that season away from home can (at times) be more difficult than one can prepare for, and having had a big holiday get together or "meet up" with other group participants would have been a fun way to celebrate with others experiencing the same feelings.

Yes, I recommend
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Teaching in Thailand with Greenheart Travel

Ever since I've moved to Thailand for this teaching/tesol opportunity, time has been flying by; I've just been having so much fun. I've met so many new people, learned so many new things and explored so much more of what this beautiful country has to offer. The key is to come here without any specific expectations and learn to live with the Thai mindset of going with the flow. If you come here with an open mind and heart, the possibilities and experiences are endless.

Greenheart Travel gave me the information/tools that I needed to explore a new country and new career, while providing me with ongoing support through the course of the program. Sara still keeps in touch with me now, she's awesome.

Partnered with XploreAsia, the excursions they've planned gives you a quick feel for what Thailand has to offer. The additional Greenheart-only trip where we got to visit an orphanage will be in my memories forever. Thank you Greenheart travel for providing opportunities like this for people like me who seek venues for new careers and adventures! It's truly been a blast!

I've been so inspired to look into ways that I can give back to this wonderful country and am definitely interested in other opportunities abroad.

How can this program be improved?

Just making sure the information between Greenheart and Xploreasia (e.g. rent costs, expenses and budgets) are consistent, I remember there being confusion at the begninning of the course, but i cannot remember the details. Possibly extending the time at excursion like Muay Thai and meditation, and including the waterfall and cave temple in the cost.

Yes, I recommend
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Worthwhile Support for First-Time Travelers

I would recommend this program to anyone who is serious about going overseas but is a little nervous about the support they will get when transitioning. Sara was really helpful throughout the whole process, and the partners at Xploreasia made it relatively easy to setup work, especially in the short amount of time.

I got everything I asked for in my placement, to be by a beach and secondary school, but it still didn't exactly match what I was expecting, which keeps things interesting. Honestly what I learned from this program is that teaching in this kind of situation isn't really what I want to do with my life, but traveling on my own has been rewarding and will motivate to travel and experience new cultures in the future when I discover more about what I really enjoy doing.

My favorite memories were going to music festivals and live DJ sets, because I think it's really cool to see people across the world in a different culture vibing to the same music that I love. I've still got a few weeks left in my contract that are open to some freedom and traveling, which is what I've been looking forward to the most since I got here.

How can this program be improved?

I think it would be nice if the orientation program was a bit longer, even for people who already have their TESOL certificate. It was hard to leave all the people you just start to make connections with after a week, especially for someone like me who has a difficult time managing friendships over a distance. It would also be nice if there were more meetup opportunities, as I really didn't meet anyone else from Greenheart outside of the Xploreasia orientation.

Yes, I recommend

Great support!

I did Greenheart's Placement-Only program and it was great. Sara was really supportive and made sure we were prepared with our non-B visa and travel insurance. When I had questions before the program started, she was quick and helpful with her answers. The orientation was really fun and gave me a community of other teachers to talk to, spend time with and bounce ideas off of. Thailand is a warm and welcoming culture and a great place to be an expat!

How can this program be improved?

The program is wonderful and doesn't need to be improved! Participants should know, however, that they will most likely be working with a Thai agent (not associated with the program) because that's how Thai schools hire. You may have some frustrations with communication/visa runs/etc. but Greenheart and XploreAsia will support you.

Yes, I recommend
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Greenheart in Thailand

Greenheart (Sara, specifically) was extremely helpful and prompt when answering my many questions. The organization made all the details of moving and working abroad so manageable. The visa process, connection with Xplore Asia, and packing/preparation for Thailand was invaluable. Also, I absolutely loved my TESOL course group. It was an amazing first month of preparation, fun, and friendship. I couldn’t have asked for a better introduction to the country.

Yes, I recommend
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Just Go for It

If any place in your heart has a desire to teach overseas, then my advice is to just go for it. With the help of Sara at Greenheart Travel, my transition into life abroad was seamless. She is a viable wealth of information, kindness, and support. Although there are several agencies who offer similar services, I HIGHLY recommend going through Greenheart Travel because every member is an alumni of teaching abroad, so who better to know the unforeseen challenges and obstacles one will face.
Speaking of my experience thus far, I did get culture shock and I did miss home, it will happen. However, in doing the TEFL certification course I met some of the most tremendous individuals who helped me through these times of uncertainty. Not to mention the spectacular orientation week which afforded me the chance to meditate at Umong Temple with a monk, climb Doi Suthep, Thai kickbox and plant rice with local Thais.
After the TEFL course, I got placed just outside Bangkok teaching grade 7-9 mathematics which has proven to be quite challenging and stressful on certain days. Some of the students won’t be obidient and will disobey, just be prepared and be consistent. However, when I can get past the language and knowledge barrier of my students, I feel such a sense of success. I mean I did come to Thailand to shake myself out of a stagnant lifestyle.
Some words of advice: bring more than enough money to survive on for two months because most Thai schools pay teachers at the end of each month (sidebar - my agency luckily paid me for training so I was able to help pay for the deposit on my lease which is typically three months rent, 22,500 baht, around Bangkok). Also, pack light! Thailand has a plethora of malls and markets with anything one might need. Learn and use the Thai language even just saying Hello and Thank You get me so far. Finally, don’t expect ANYTHING. I could’ve scoured the web for days on end trying to prepare myself, but nothing would’ve compared to me actually being in this beautiful country. As I mentioned previously, if you have any desire in your (green)heart to teach overseas, then jump in and go for it!

How can this program be improved?

I think the budget estimates may need to be tweaked slightly to account for those teachers being placed in more expensive areas of Thailand.

Yes, I recommend

Teach in Thailand on a paid semester

I personally feel that Greenheart Travel did a great job communicating what I should expect and what I needed to bring with me to Thailand. I also messaged them directly with any questions or concerns I had and always got a quick response. In Thailand, Xplore Asia took care of us during our TESOL course and the placement. They were extremely helpful. I felt well prepared and taken care of through out my experiences with both companies. I also feel that I can reach out to either company while I am at my placement incase I needed any support.

Thailand is an adventure. Things can be very confusing and frustrating, especially if this is your first time in the country. Don't be afraid to ask questions and remember to not be quick to anger. And last but not least, try not to have any grand, rigid expectations. That's probably the most useful advice.

Yes, I recommend
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Review- Meredith Chambers

This has been a wonderful experience! Greenheart Travel, in particular Sara Thacker, have provided incredible assistance and support during the whole experience. They checked in regularly and provided wonderful guidance. My school is in Phibun Mangashan, and it has been a phenomenal journey. I would recommend it to anyone seeking this type of experience. There is not a lot of multimedia access in my school, so my recommendation would be to have teachers prepare to not utilize a lot of technology. Overall it has been wonderful!

Yes, I recommend
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Fantastic Experience!

My husband and I travelled to Thailand and had an amazing experience! We regularly consider going back because we miss teaching! Greenheart did an excellent job preparing us for the adventure. They were very enthusiastic and kind with every time we called with a new question. The company they partnered with in Thailand also did a phenomenal job! I felt like I was in good hands from the moment I submitted my initial application. Thank you!!

Yes, I recommend
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Great First Experience

One thing that stood out was that I had my Non-B visa prior to arriving; it made things so much more easy compared to my counterparts who had to do visa runs out of the country within the first few weeks of teaching. I, instead, just went to the immigration office in my province to extend my stay and received my work permit easily. Greenheart helped get that Non-B so I'm very thankful! Also, I was a bit envious of those who came without a TEFL/TESOL certification because they spent an additional month getting to know each other while getting certified. They also learned what teaching in Thailand was really like because they did teaching hours at a local partner school. But, for those who came certified, it was an additional 3-4 weeks of traveling prior to starting school, so think about that and come prepared with enough money to travel. So think about what is better for you--whether to get your certification prior to coming to teach, or getting certified here in Thailand--either way is internationally accredited. Overall, I am super comfortable in Thailand; you can find everything you'd need. You may also be pleasantly surprised to find things you wouldn't expect. Come with an open mind--and you will be filled with great experiences.

How can this program be improved?

For someone who was placement only, I did not know that I'd have 3-4 weeks of "free" time before the term started. So maybe highlighting that and ensuring that people bring enough money to travel or sight-see. This may have been discussed, but I was under the impression I'd start teaching right away.

Yes, I recommend
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Greenheart Review

I absolutely love my job and where and I live and I couldn’t have done it without greenheart. I live in an amazing apartment just north of Bangkok and teach science to a group of 70 middles schoolers and have amazing benefits and pay. Coming through them I couldn’t have felt more prepared with the proper visa, a great Tesol training, Thai culture and language lessons and a group of great new friends to support me in Thailand. 10/10 would recommend to anyone interested in teaching abroad!

Yes, I recommend
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Why teaching in Thailand is one of the best things I've ever done

I moved to Thailand over a year ago to take my TESOL course and begin teaching and I'm still here! When researching different ways I could complete a TESOL and find job placement in Asia, there were seemingly endless options. A friend recommended me to the Greenheart Travel website, which immediately showed me the most comprehensive package yet. The fact that I was able to take the course IN the country I would be teaching, and that it included a cultural certificate specific to my new home away from home, quickly sealed the deal for me. Throughout my research, application process, and all the way until I got on the airplane, Sara Dorsey Thacker of Greenheart Travel provided ample information and support. It was this comprehensive support that led me to choose Greenheart Travel over other programs, including: obtaining a visa, advice on packing and preparations, access to an online community of peer support, assistance in preparing my credentials and paperwork, navigating flights, airports, customs, and arranging a pick-up on the other side. This support continued with my TESOL course, and onto my job placement. Sara and her team at Greenheart Travel have the experience and understanding to help you through your transition abroad, navigating culture shock, and making the most of your experience.

Yes, I recommend
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Teaching in Bangkok

All I knew when I started this adventure is that I wanted to see and fully experience a different part of the world. I knew next to nothing about teaching or Thailand but was eager to dive into the experience and see how it would change me. While I write this review only 3 months into my experience I couldn't be more thrilled with how things have been thus far.
Leaving the US for the first time and traveling solo across the globe brought plenty of anxiety, questions to answer, and opportunities to give up before even getting started. However, once I committed to signing up with Greenheart Travel I gained a support system that would make the details of getting started a breeze. Sara Thacker was my trusted advisor and was personable and knowledgeable in helping answer any questions I had about how to make the leap. Not only did she and the Greenheart team make the experience of getting here and settling in easy but they made the logistics enjoyable. Walking through the steps and talking with Sara helped me turn the nerves into excitement and had me eager to board that plane.
Three months in and feeling more and more at home here in Bangkok is all thanks to the support Sara & Greenheart continue to provide, always letting me know I've got people back home looking out! Nothing makes the experience of moving to a foreign place on the other side of the planet more adventurous and less challenging than having a strong support group backing you. Sara & the Greenheart team fit that roll exceptionally, and I can't recommend their guidance enough in starting this adventure for yourself!

Yes, I recommend
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Great Experience

I am so happy I found Greenheart to help launch my teaching adventure in Thailand. This organization has supported me every step of the way, providing expert guidance that has made for a seamless transition. Sara, Greenheart's Senior Program Manager, has truly been a pleasure to work with. Sara's level of professionalism, responsiveness and attention to detail made an inherently difficult process remarkably simple. Beyond the logistics, Sara really humanized the process by sharing stories from her personal experience and offering thoughtful reassurance. I highly recommend Greenheart to anyone interested in teaching in Thailand!

Yes, I recommend
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Awesome Experience

My experience teaching aboard in Thailand through Greenheart was AMAZING! I received awesome support from day 1. Sara Dorsey Thacker answered all of my questions and made me feel comfortable as I got ready head abroad. I had done a good bit of travel before this program, but I still was nervous. This was something completely different! Sarah and Greenheart made sure everything was taken care of and that I felt comfortable.

I taught at a school in Chonburi, Thailand for 5 months. I loved it! I made great friends and still keep in touch with my students almost daily. I felt supported, safe and confidant in my classroom and my town.

I can’t wait to go back and visit my students one day!

Yes, I recommend

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