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To apply through TAPIF, you must be an American citizen or permanent resident. However, the program hires Assistants from 60 countries to teach 15 languages every year. See if your country is eligible here: http://www.ciep.fr/assistants-etrangers-france/pays-concern…

All applicants are required to have at least a B1 proficiency level in French in order to be considered. TAPIF is the North American cohort of the CIEP's Assistants de langue en France. To apply through TAPIF, you need to be an American citizen or permanent resident. That being said, the broader CIEP Assistants de langue en France program recruits Teaching Assistants from 60 countries. See more at...

I disagree with Justine. Many of the teaching assistants nanny, babysit, or tutor to supplement their income. As long as it does not prevent you from doing your job—ie. teaching as an English language assistant in a French school—you can certainly do so. Au pair jobs are not permitted, as this would interfere.

Hi Alannah-Lingo, I was just accepted into the program for the upcoming school year, so I hoped you could answer a housing-related question for me. I see that you mentioned that you lived in housing that was offered through your school. I'm fortunate enough that I have been offered the same housing arrangement through mine. Since I'll be away from home for quite a while, my sister and a couple of...

Hi Camilla-Molloy Average pay comes out to about 790 euros per month, though it is a bit higher depending on where you are placed. You get 8 weeks of paid vacation and only have to work 12 hours a week. Pretty great deal if you ask me.

You need a minimum B1 level of proficiency and have someone who can write letter of recommendation vouching for your language abilities (such as a French professor). They basically want to know you will be able to open a bank account on your own, go to your appointments, etc and be able to navigate everyday life in France.

Yes, the maximum age is 35. You can view age requirements on the website here.

The Teaching Assistant Program in France accepts candidates between the ages of 20 and 35. Candidates must be 35 or younger on the start date of the program year (October 1st).

While this is a part-time program, you have to stay for the whole school year. There may be other programs affiliated with other groups that can let you stay for a shorter amount of time.