Where do you live, and about how much is it?

Posted by Eldridge Etienne 6 years 9 months ago

Where do you live if you work with this program? Is it set up by the program, or do you find it and pay for it yourself?


You don't have program specific housing; you find it and use your salary to pay for it independently.

Hi Elridge-Etienne,

It really depends on your school. Several assistants (myself included) were offered free or reasonably-priced apartments/living quarters by our schools while others were left to find them on their own (like my friend). Major cities like Paris are not likely to offer living arrangements or assistance.

If you do end up in Paris or choose to live there rather than a small town, check out the American Church of Paris. They post apartment rentals on a bulletin which is updated daily, be sure to get there very early in the day.

Hi Alannah-Lingo,
I was just accepted into the program for the upcoming school year, so I hoped you could answer a housing-related question for me. I see that you mentioned that you lived in housing that was offered through your school. I'm fortunate enough that I have been offered the same housing arrangement through mine. Since I'll be away from home for quite a while, my sister and a couple of friends intend to visit me at different points during my stay. I just finished at a university with a rather strict guest policy, so I was wondering whether you knew, since this housing is offered through the school, whether they have any qualms about visitors. I appreciate your help in advance!