Is there an age limit for teachers in china?

Posted by Ian Russell 4 years 5 months ago


I didn't find an age limit at all for teaching. You could easily do it at 70+ if you have the drive to do it and enjoy the food. Generally people in my intake were between 18 and 50, but age wasn't a huge barrier to integrating so long as you have the right attitude.

Hope this helps!

I'm not entirely certain I have to be honest, but on my internship the youngest was 18 and the oldest I knew of was around 40. I'm not aware of there being an age limit on the internship because you get a student visa. However if they were then interested in obtaining a job post-internship you must have a degree to work in China and be under 60 in order to get a working visa.

Hope this helps, sorry I can't be any more specific!

Thanks everyone for the helpful replies! As a general rule, the program accepts people between the ages of 18 and 50. This is because most schools that we work with have this requirement. However, we are always happy to consider people outside of this age range on a case by case basis, or to help them find another China option that is right for them. Hope that helps :)