Are there included housing provisions offered for this program?

Posted by Allison Jarboe 5 years 5 months ago


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Regarding housing provisions, when I was with Interac, there were automatic deductions from my monthly salary for rent and any rental furniture (including futon, desk, chair, curtains, etc.). Had I known about the rental furniture earlier on, I would have paid for all of it up front for longer term savings. If you’re interested in saving more money, consider sharing an apartment with someone you trust and get along with. I was able to save at least 85,000 Yen/month by moving in with a trusted friend who happened to be a foreign post-grad student. Also, if there’s an opportunity for you to go to English camp, which is a trip where you’re required to stay at a hotel, you’ll be saving a lot on gas bills and food. Also, if you live in the city/suburb, your rent is higher but you save more on travel. If you live outside the city, your rent is cheaper but you'll pay a lot more to visit the city.

Please note, I left Japan in 2013 so I'm not sure if changes have been made since. The person from Interact who interviews you would be able to give you a better idea.

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We'd invite you to check our page at:

The key point is that Interac assists with arranging housing, but that housing is your housing, as opposed to a dormitory or company-owned apartment.


Interac Head Office

Hello, Allison.

I'm a current ALT in the semi-rural northern stretch of Okayama Prefecture. Tay's situation is more or less accurate:rent is deducted from the paycheck, some branches may deduct utilities as well but not all, and they tend to either come in semi-furnished and unfurnished versions. The unfurnished version will be cheaper if you stay put for a longer period of time but if you're only planning to be in a place for a year, semi-furnished with furnishing rental saves a lot of headaches on moving out.

If you have really good connections, can line up a guarantor, cover all costs, and find a place that will sign you despite being a foreigner, you can get that apartment. You can go in with a housemate on non-company leases, some make arrangements to share apartments with another Interac ALT. The company stands as guarantor with one of the major agencies for your lease and arranges the paperwork for you when you go through their route. Your branch will likely have a person who specializes in housing.

Big city rents are expensive, rural are cheaper ... that hasn't changed. If you have a driving position, you will be required to maintain a parking space; the easy way is to get one at your apartment. Most of Japan isn't the big city, however, and should be factored into your planning. I have local hobbies, so it's not critical for me to head to the city that often. Keep in mind that your cost of living will vary heavily across the country.

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