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Classroom Audience
Early Childhood Pre-School Middle School High School

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Classroom Audience
Early Childhood Pre-School Middle School High School
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Salary / Benefits
Your experience in Japan will set you apart from your peers. When you teach in Japan, you will find that there is much more to be gained than a regular paycheck. In fact, your experience will shape your future by providing you valuable career experience, experience living in a different culture, and the lifestyle of freedom and growth you have been waiting for. As an Interac ALT, you will most likely receive a gross annual salary of approximately ¥2.4 – ¥3.0 million Japanese Yen per year.
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There is no charge to apply to Interac.
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Oct 30, 2022
Jan 19, 2021
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About Program

Interac teachers enrich the lives of thousands of school and children in Japan every year by delivering interactive and exciting English lessons. Commonly known as ALTs, which stands for assistant language teacher, Interac’s instructors, enrich children’s lives by sharing their knowledge of English and communication skills and giving insights into other cultures.

As an ALT at Interac, you will work in nursery school, elementary, junior high, and high schools throughout Japan. These are our clients. Your job is two-fold: language instructor and cultural ambassador. These two aspects are inseparable, and you, as a successful Interac ALT, will become an expert in both.

You can expect to teach classes on your own, with a Japanese teacher present to help manage the classroom. Although there are variety of Japanese schools, you can reasonably expect to teach in at least two. The company also provides training programs to support those without experience as an English teacher.

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Program Highlights

  • Start things off right with an intensive (paid!) initial training and orientation session.
  • Work Mondays to Fridays with scheduled teaching hours between 8 am and 5 pm.
  • Attend on-going skills development and training programs.
  • Become an important part of your school and local community.
  • Take advantage of Interac’s Staff Preparation Program (SPP) and build portable skills you can leverage in the classroom or take with you into a potential staff position like recruiter, head teacher, trainer, or even office staff.

Popular Programs

Wide, open Hokkaido

Interac North Company is in charge of the Hokkaido and Tohoku area which is the largest area of Japan in terms of land mass. The kind of person who typically comes to Interac North has a more self-sufficient outlook on their time in Japan, compared to other areas. They are looking to get a “real Japan” experience for several years.

See Mt. Fuji!

Interac Kanto North Company covers the area known as the “Kanto-Koushinetsu” region, which is a large span of prefectures to the north and west of Tokyo, the nation’s capital. In this part of the country, there are many hidden towns and an abundance of nature, including hot springs, mountains with upper slopes famous for skiing, and many other delights for you to discover.

Active Yokohama

Interac Kanto South is centrally located in Yokohama, the largest city in Kanagawa Prefecture. Just out of the Tokyo metropolis, Kanagawa is a metropolitan prefecture. Everything is only minutes away from the city centre by train, making it the perfect place to start your teaching career in Japan.

Full of Tradition

Interac Kansai & South Central covers a large part of the central region, based in Nagoya with offices in Hamamatsu and Osaka. There are a wide range of placements and school styles for teachers in Osaka, with many positions being in rural areas or suburbs. The kind of ALT we are looking for within the Kansai area is a teacher who will be looking to get involved in the local community and isn’t just requiring a ‘day job’.

World Heritage

The West Company area is one of the largest across Interac. It encompasses 16 prefectures ranging from Hiroshima to Fukuoka, including Saga and Okayama. This means there is a huge variety of activities and places to visit for anyone looking to teach English in Fukuoka or further!

Program Reviews

4.35 Rating
based on 20 reviews
  • 5 rating 65%
  • 4 rating 25%
  • 3 rating 0%
  • 2 rating 0%
  • 1 rating 10%
  • Benefits 4.1
  • Support 4.25
  • Fun 4.2
  • Facilities 4.3
  • Safety 4.4
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Yes, I recommend this program

Best opportunity I had in Japan

I had already taught before in Japan at a private preschool and an eikaiwa (private English school) and was looking for a more authentic experience. Interac's recruitment process was long, but not difficult if you plan ahead and follow instructions carefully. Once I was hired and got to Japan, I attending the teacher training. They taught a good lesson framework and some great activity ideas which I found useful, even though I already had experience.

Working in the public schools with Interac did give me the authentic experience I was looking for. You are really steeped in the culture there, and the Japanese teachers were really interested in helping me get along in Japan. The kids, of course, were a blast. I even miss the annoying kids! Interac encourages teachers to get involved in my community and I found friends and activities to be involved in the area where I lived and worked.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
1) As I mentioned, the recruitment process can be long. In addition, sometimes there are gaps between one step and the next. Be patient. Use your time wisely, preparing for the next step or brushing up on your Japanese language/culture/history/etc.
2) Don't worry so much about location. I wanted to be in Osaka, where I had lived previously. I didn't end up there, but I still loved it, and did things I couldn't do around Osaka (visited an all you can eat you-pick cherry farm; visited Nikko, which I'd never even heard of; attended a show where fireworks companies show off their new fireworks for the year, etc). And Japan isn't big. I still went to Osaka every couple months to visit friends or vice versa.
3) You get out of it what you put into it. Make the effort to explore non-touristy places, ask questions, improve your teaching skills, and so on.
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Response from Interac Japan

Thank you for the review, Richelle. It is a pleasure to hear that you had a wonderful experience even with your past teaching experience. I believe teaching in public schools is different because it is not just about teaching. Working with teachers and joining the community would help you have a great journey here in Japan.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Fulfilling experience

The company helps a lot for an easy transition into both teaching and into living in Japan. You're still expected to demonstrate a reasonable level of independence and good sense, but they can carry you through the rest. You should still take the initiative to research and understand what experiences you want to have during your time in the country. They give you a job so that you can support your own lifestyle in Japan, but you have to decide exactly what you want that lifestyle to be. In that case you should be fine.

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Response from Interac Japan

Thank you for the review. We are happy to hear that we successfully helped you in coming to Japan and start your career as an instructor. As you said, we support our instructors, but, at the same time, each individuals need to think what they want to do in Japan. ALT would be the best choice to start a life in Japan as a foreigner.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Teach in Japan!

Teaching in Japan was by far the best experience I've ever had. Like most people, I found the program online and was impressed right off the bat by the interview process and attentiveness of the recruiters in the States. My time in Japan was not without it challenges, but the staff in the branch offices are wonderful. I worked in the Nagoya branch for 4 years and thoroughly enjoyed by town, schools, and the people I met there.

An important thing to note is that Interac is not an exchange program - it's an entry-level teaching job. There is an expectation that you can live and work independently, and that you come into it with some basic knowledge of the country, culture, and language. You don't have to be an expert at Japanese, but if you put in some effort before you arrive, it will greatly enhance your experience!

The best thing about this job is the skills you will acquire. Not only did I gain a lot of teaching experience, but I learned about the importance of patience, cultural awareness and sensitivity, and much more. I've taken these skills and applied them to all the jobs I've had since. I highly recommend teaching in Japan and believe Interac is the right company to go with.

What was the most unfamiliar thing you ate?
I ate a lot of strange things while in Japan, but the weirdest was fish sperm. I was at a hole-in-the-wall mom and pop izakaya sitting at the counter and gazing at everything in the sashimi case. I pointed to something and asked what it was, before I knew it the owner sat it down in front of me. It's rude to refuse, so I tried it. The texture was definitely the worst part, taste was so-so.
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Response from Interac Japan

Thank you for the review. As you mentioned, we are not an exchange program. We offer jobs and want professionals. Instructors do not need teaching experiences or skills. Moreover, we would like a culture ambassador and person that would like to communicate with children and teachers. With professionalism, you would have a wonderful life in Japan.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Interac West

I worked for the Hiroshima Branch for just about 10 years in various capacities. The job definitely stretched me to my limits at times, but I feel that it really helped me to get outside my comfort level and grow in ways that I never would have otherwise. The local team in the Hiroshima Branch was amazing to work with and they definitely wanted me to succeed. I will say that it definitely is a job, and you're expected to do your job. Go into it with that expectation and the knowledge that it is an entry level position.

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Response from Interac Japan

Thank you for the review. Great to hear that you worked with us in Hiroshima for about a decade. Amazing! We support our instructors on their jobs and grow as a business person. We are happy that you had felt it that way.

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Yes, I recommend this program

My Experience with Interac

I worked with Interac for a year and a half. I found them by doing a google search. The application process went very smoothly and from the beginning to end, the staff were very friendly, optimistic, and supportive.

After accepting the position, they were very good at keeping me up to date in a timely manner, regarding my placement and schedule before arriving in Japan. The first week of training was a bit overwhelming, but the staff and trainers worked very hard to prepare us for our schools and living in Japan. They were also very accommodating when setting us up at our new destinations. I was placed in a small city within Ibaraki.

When I arrived, they had an English speaking assistant help me move in and set up my bank account, cell phone, and everything else in between. It was incredibly helpful as non-Japanese speaking foreigner, who was moving into a new town far away from Tokyo. I really appreciated all of the help and support the company gave me.

I ended up working at an amazing Junior High School, and I helped prepare my students for the Ibaraki interactive forum competition. For me this was the most rewarding and life changing experience for me, and I have Interac to thank for that.

Interac will continue to support you through ongoing training, online resources, and with a great team of people who will answer any questions you have about living in Japan.

I am very grateful for my experience with this company, who has opened many doors for me. They showed me that I was capable of doing amazing things and enriching people's lives.

What would you improve about this program?
I think having more staff in each branch may help, as they can reach out to more people, and therefore have more chances to talk and communicate with each ALT. I also feel that they should really communicate with the ALT's in terms of finding the right type of school assignment that best fits their profile. I was transferred to an elementary school position, but I felt junior high school was a better fit for me. I think more thought needs to go into the process of assigning ALT's to their schools, so that they are satisfied with their assignments and therefore stay with the company longer.
52 people found this review helpful.
Response from Interac Japan

Thank you for you review of your time at Interac and we are really glad you had a good time with us. The photos of your town, school lunch, and school look very much like the kinds of photos we see from many teachers across Japan. As for your feedback, we will take these points and review them, especially with an eye to further improving our method of placing teachers. Thank you again for your review and your kind words.


Interac Head Office

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Yes, I recommend this program

Professional and reliable employer

I worked for Interac for 2 years. The salary and benefits are more than adequate because the cost of living is very low. The managers and staff at the Interac head office are extremely professional and helpful. My concerns were always addressed promptly. Working in the public schools in Japan was amazing. The kids are extremely polite and courteous and respectful, far more than kids in America (at least from what I recall from my days as a student).

The best part is making the kids laugh and being able to play sports or play on the playground with them. It's also rewarding being able to help tweak their pronunciation mistakes.

If you're looking for adventure before you start 4 decades in a corporate office, this is a good place to go. Interac is a huge company which is almost doubling it's teaching staff because of the upcoming Olympics. Very stable company, honest bosses. No surprises.

What would you improve about this program?
Create an Interac employee social media website so everyone can get to know eachother and organize events.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Stable company with many location opportunities

This is one of the biggest ALT dispatch companies in all of Japan. They have many contracts all over the countries and are likely to accommodate a specific location.

I've worked for this company for a few years now and have never had any major issues. They help their teachers settle in and provide a great deal of support after the initial training (car, housing, local area information, etc.)

Employees always have access to English speaking emergency contacts in case the need should arise and are never left alone without anyone to call.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Best Job I Ever Had

I worked with Interac for 1 and a half years and I can honestly say that it was the best job that I ever had. The staff and managers are friendly and exceptionally helpful, always willing to go the extra mile to help you with any concerns that you have.
Living and working in another country is a challenging experience but Interac endeavors to make the transition easy and comfortable. Interac helped me find an apartment and rent a car. When I first arrived in Japan I did not know much Japanese but I was placed in a school where I could speak English with the staff.
Every day was an exciting adventure and working with the kids was fun in itself. They always added to my day and made me laugh.
In my travels during my time off I was able to explore the culture of Japan. I participated in festivals and visited big cities and ancient shrines. I made many friends who I am still in contact with today. It was the adventure of a lifetime!
I thoroughly enjoyed my work and highly recommend Interac to anyone interested in teaching as an ALT.

What would you improve about this program?
My experience with Interac was nothing but positive. I can't think of any faults to point out.
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Questions & Answers

Hi Jodie, Thanks for your question. We do have positions occasionally in Nagasaki Prefecture, as well as other locations in Kyushu. We cannot promise a position exactly in Sasebo, since the placement situation is fluid each season, however if you choose to make an application and express a desire to be placed in or near the area, we will make an effort to find a position you'll be able to agree...

Hi John, Thanks for your question. We do not have tenure limits, so you are welcome to stay as long as you like. There is also a career system within Interac for advancement within our organization into administrative positions such as Head Teacher, Management Trainee, Trainer, and Managing Consultant. Regards, Interac Head Office Tokyo

Hi Belinda, We do not set a certain number of years of teaching experience as a requirement. Having teaching experience of any kind will definitely help you in the application process, but we have teachers without any previous experience who are excellent in class. We provide thorough initial training so you'll feel confident about standing in front of students. If you have any other questions...

Hi Belinda, The requirements to apply as an Interac ALT are: -Be a native-level speaker of English -Have received an education conducted in English for at least 12 years -Have at least a bachelor’s degree in any subject from an accredited university -Be a team-player that is professional, flexible, cheerful, and energetic -Be under 60 years of age We welcome people with teaching experience of any...