Are there job opportunities in Manuel Antonio itself?

Posted by Caroline Peckham 6 years 7 months ago

I recently visited Costa Rica and fell in love with it's coastlines. When I do my TEFL I really want to work somewhere like Manuel Antonio or Samara. Is this possible?


Hi. I agree...the coastlines are beautiful! Unfortunately, there aren't any TEFL jobs in Manuel Antonio. Actually, Maximo Nivel was in need of an English instructor a couple of weeks ago, but I'm sure that position has been filled. I don't know what the situation in Samara is like.

Manuel Antonio is a very expensive place to live and you don't usually make much money teaching least not enough to live in MA. However, if you really want to live somewhere like MA, you could look into teaching English online with a company like OpenEnglish whose clients are from Latin America. There are many online companies with whom you could explore employment opportunities.

There are more TEFL opportunities in San Jose...

Hope this helps.

I found that there were limited teaching jobs at Maximo Nivel in Manuel Antonio, because the school is small and people don't want to leave there. But there ended up being one position available at the school when our class was over.

Yes, Maximo hires teachers who shine in their program. Aside from Maximo, I don't know of another English institution in MA.

However, you mentioned Samara - my favorite beach. I teach in Heredia, and I have a student whose mom owns her own language institute here in Heredia - and they have a campus in Samara. It is called Intercultura and one of the top institutes in the country. She says the Samara campus is always hiring. I can connect you if you like. They are a fantastic family.

Thanks so much for your reply. I'd love if you could connect me with them! I'm going to be studying at Maximo in January 2017 and am very keen to teach :)