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Teaching Practicum
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Official TEFL Certificate
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Lifetime job-finding assistance
Tandem Conversation Program
Office-wide WiFi and computer lab
Salsa dance classes
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Free coffee and tea and on-site snack bar
Institute is open 7 days/week
Emergency contact number 24/7
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Feb 15, 2022
Jan 24, 2023
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About Program

Become a certified English teacher by earning a TEFL certification with Maximo Nivel on the beach in Manuel Antonio. TEFL Certification is your passport to living and working as English teacher anywhere else in the world!

The 4-week/150-hour certification program includes more than 15 hours of practical English teaching and observation of experienced teachers.

The TEFL Program consists of 14 modules:
1. Approaches to Learning & Teaching
2. Critical ESL Techniques
3. Class Management
4. Lesson Planning
5. English Grammar Review 1
6. English Grammar Review 2
7. Teaching Grammar
8. Teaching Vocabulary
9. Teaching English with Games
10. Teaching Speaking & Writing
11. Teaching Listening & Reading
12. Assessing Learners
13. Introduction to International English Exams
14. Practical Teaching

Maximo Nivel is internationally accredited and the Maximo Nivel TEFL Certificate is accepted by institutes, language schools, and universities around the world.

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Program Highlights

  • Accredited certification accepted worldwide
  • 15 hours of practical teaching and observation
  • Teach real ESL classes
  • Continuous coaching during TEFL course
  • Lifetime job-finding assistance

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4.95 Rating
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  • Benefits 4.9
  • Support 4.95
  • Fun 4.25
  • Facilities 4.3
  • Safety 4.7
  • Instruction 5
  • Support 5
  • Value 4.8
  • Academic Rigor 4.55
  • Job Assistance 4.8
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Yes, I recommend this program

Maximo Nivel TEFL Course

The Maximo Nivel TEFL Course was an amazing experience! I highly recommend doing this course in person at one of the Maximo Nivel sites. The instructor, Jackie, was extremely knowledgeable, reliable, and hilarious. The course is designed in an extremely effective way. You learn the theory of how to teach English effectively, and also the specific teaching strategies and methods to use to be most successful. You get the opportunity to practice these teaching strategies by teaching classes of real students, both in person and online. You receive tons of feedback on your teaching, which helped me improve my teaching and increase my confidence in front of the classroom. You leave the course with all the materials you need to work as an English teacher, whether it be for a company, or independently. I got bachelors degree in teaching, but this course prepared me more for teaching than any other class I have taken. This course was absolutely worth the time, money, and work!

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Yes, I recommend this program

TEFL Programme Review

Maximo Nivel in Manuel Antonio was absolutely amazing! The TEFL course itself was an intense experience, but the teaching was incredible and I felt supported throughout! The centre itself was great, all the staff are super friendly and keen to help you in any way they can. There are fun and inclusive activities on throughout the week, and Manuel Antonio is fantastic in itself! The work was hard but we had plenty of time to relax and explore the area, the centre also partner with a tour agency so it was really easy to book tours, such as white water rafting! Would 100% recommend Maximo to anyone and everyone!

  • Super organised
  • Amazing staff, always happy to help
  • Great location
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Yes, I recommend this program

TEFL Maximo Nivel

Hola! I compeleted the TEFL course with Maximo Nivel in October and I am so glad I pursued this opportunity. The course is challenging in the absolute best way, and I could not have asked for a better location. Jackie was my TEFL trainer and all I can say is WOW - she is amazing! She is so incredibly talented at what she does; it's truly inspiring to watch her teach and connect with every student. The staff at this location are so kind and supportive. It was amazing to watch all us learn so much and grow into great teacher - definitely a once in a lifetime experience you don't want to miss out on!

  • Great location
  • The BEST people
  • Well-structured program
  • It is a lot of material in a short time
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Yes, I recommend this program

Maximo Nivel Review

I finished my TEFL course at maximo Nivel in Manuel Antonio two weeks ago and have only positive things to say about the entire program.

Firstly, my housing situation was wonderful. I did the host family option and was set up in an awesome lady’s house. She was lovely and was also a professional chef who ran cooking classes at the school so every meal she made was absolutely delicious. The house was very clean and just a short walk away from the bus stop which took me right outside the institute. My “host mom,” as we call it, demonstrated such patience with me as I came to Costa Rica speaking no English at all. She cleaned the house very often and she was always lenient when I would have to have breakfast/ dinner at a different time due to schooling conflicts.

Next up, the institute itself has the most beautiful scenery and view that I have ever seen at a school. Learning in an environment like this manages to keep the students motivated even when the course got very stressful and difficult. It was also right next door to some awesome cheap places to get food during the day. I probably ate at the 1000 colones pizza place right next door at least 20 times during my one month course. The open concept layout created such a warm and welcoming environment and made the work not seem like work at all. The many dogs that would be constantly walking around the institute was an awesome bonus.

It was incredible having such awesome workers in the school who were constantly checking in to make sure we were doing well and had everything we needed to be successful. Karen, DJ, and Valeria were some of the kindest people I’ve met so far in Costa Rica and that is saying a lot considering how friendly everyone is here. I felt extremely supported by the staff here and they helped me with everything I needed.

Starting this program as a 20 year old, I was extremely nervous to come as I thought I wouldn’t be able to connect with my classmates because of the age differences. That is honestly hilarious to think about that now because this group has become my second family. There is a 30 year age gap between me and the oldest person in the class, but I created such a deep and special bond with each and every one of my classmates, many of who I know I’ll be friends with for life. I’m currently travelling through South America with two of my friends that I made in the class. I seriously could not have asked for a better group of people to spend every moment of this month with. We laughed together, struggled together, partied together, and I watched every single person turn into a wonderful ESL teacher in such a short time period. My advice to anyone debating getting TEFL certified with maximo… you’re never too young, and you’re never too old to do this program. Everyone shares the same goal and you’ll all come out as best friends in the end.

The last and most important person I would like to discuss is my incredible TEFL trainer, Jackie. Jackie finds a way to keep 11 adults motivated and engaged in a classroom for 7 hours a day when the sunny, beautiful beach is just minutes away. She is kind, caring, sweet, intelligent, motivating, fun, hardworking, passionate, committed, and every other adjective that describes a perfect teacher. She teaches in the same way that she teaches us to teach in our ESL classrooms, so we’re constantly engaged to good habits and she managed to turn us all into teachers in one month. She is certainly loud and intense at times, but it is always in the best interest of her students. She truly cares about us so much and created a very warm and friendly environment for us all to grow as friends, as teachers, and as people overall. Anyone who has the privilege of getting TEFL certified from Jackie is in for a real treat.

Thank you for everything Maximo🎉🎉🎉

  • Awesome TEFL trainer
  • Built strong friendships
  • Beautiful location
  • Housing could be cheaper
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Yes, I recommend this program

Maximo Nivel - Manuel Antonio

Just recently graduated from Maximo Manuel Antonio, and had such an incredible experience! Felt so lucky to have met such an amazing group of like-minded people doing the course, which I felt really added to the experience. The course itself was a lot more challenging than I'd initially thought, but thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and made it all the more fulfilling to graduate! The school has an incredible view, which I never got tired of. The staff were super friendly and helpful - and our TEFL Trainer Jackie was insane, couldn't have done the course without her patience, guidance and constant encouragement, her can-do attitude got us all through it 100% :)

  • Location
  • Sociable
  • Staff
  • Materials
  • Resources
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Yes, I recommend this program

Amazing Experience!

I had a phenomenal experience in the TEFL course at Máximo Nivel. Jackie was a wonderful and inspiring teacher. She cared deeply for her students and about the material. She made class extremely interesting in a way that kept students engaged and gain a deeper understanding. I feel prepared to teach after the practical teaching and constant feedback from this course. It was an excellent launching pad into a new country and culture. Great service in assisting with airport pick up, extra nights with early arrival and assistance with bus to and from San Jose.

  • Practical teaching throughout course with real ESL students
  • Engaging and Inspiring teacher
  • A good way to transition to a new country
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Yes, I recommend this program

Memorable experience!

My experience with living in Costa Rica was one that I will never forget. I ate delicious food and stayed with an amazing host family. Participating in the TEFL Program at Manuel Antonio was great, too. I met wonderful people, who I now consider lifelong friends, and learned new techniques for teaching English. My trainer, Jackie, made sure we stayed on top of our work and did our best when it came time to teach our lessons. The staff at Maximo Nivel welcomed me and were supportive throughout my program. Thank you for a memorable experience!

  • Maximo Nivel had a spectacular view of the ocean.
  • I enjoyed great food from my host family and from the free cooking classes.
  • The staff at Maximo was super friendly and supportive.
  • There was too much work crammed in a short amount of time.
  • We used a lot of paper because there was no technology.
  • We never taught children/teens but only focused on adults.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Amazing Program

This was an amazing program; you do not need to have a background in education/teaching to take the TEFL program at Maximo Nivel. I completed 4 weeks of intense studying, teaching locals and learning different methods to become an effective teacher. The course is for all learners and the TEFL trainer in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica was amazing. (She knows what she’s doing) My experience is unforgettable and positive. I had amazing classmates and the staff at Maximo Nivel was extremely helpful when I was in need. I recommend this program to anyone who wants another skill in education or a career change.

  • Full experience of Costa Rican culture
  • Build long lasting relationships
  • Becoming an effective TEFL instructor.
  • A lot of homework & readings in short amount of time
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Questions & Answers

Apart from what the others have already suggested, I would also advise that any travel you intend on doing, you are prepared to leave until you've finished or to start beforehand. Manuel Antonio is a beautiful place, and you will certainly have beach time. But don't be fooled! The classes are intensive and require outside-the-classroom prep time. Good luck and have fun!

Thanks so much for your reply. I'd love if you could connect me with them! I'm going to be studying at Maximo in January 2017 and am very keen to teach :)

I would definitely recommend a laptop. You'll need it to work on assignments and lesson plans out of class. The building can get pretty hot, so being able to relocate to cooler locations is a must. Regarding clothes, I wore decent shorts and collared shirts for the classes. For interviews, I would recommend something more business casual.

The cost of the program varies by location and what type of stay you prefer (apartment, hostel, or homestay). I have added a link to the estimated program costs below that you may find helpful. In general, the cost will be somewhere between $2000-$2500, not including your flight. http://www.maximonivel.com/tefl-tesol/prices/