Teach English in South Korea with Greenheart Travel

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Hi Yovanny. All positions in South Korea require a Bachelor's Degree. If you do not have one, please check out our Teach in Myanmar program: https://greenhearttravel.org/program/adult/teach/teach-in-m…

Hi there. The program requires that you must have studied in one of these seven citizenship countries since the 7th grade (no later): U.S., Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, or South Africa (no exceptions).

Hey Robyn. No prior Korean language experience is required for the program. You'll learn the basics during orientation :)

Hi, thanks for reaching out! Unfortunately we do not have the answer you are looking for! As a next step we recommend contacting the program provider directly to learn more about eligibility requirements, which you can do here: https://greenhearttravel.org/contact.