Teach English in South Korea - Public and Private Schools - Free Housing, Flight Reimbursement, Great Benefits!
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Teach English in South Korea - Public and Private Schools - Free Housing, Flight Reimbursement, Great Benefits!

Whether you work for a public or private school, high salaries, free housing, paid vacation and bonuses are just a few of the many perks of teaching English in South Korea.

Navigating the EPIK (public school) or the private school application process on your own can be daunting. Greenheart Travel's team has worked alongside the South Korean Ministry of Education and the South Korean National Institute of International Education for over 7 years, and will offer you knowledgeable support each step of the application process.

Public School Teaching Positions:
Spring 2018 Positions:
- Programs Dates: August 2018 – September 2019
- Deadline to Submit: May 15, 2018

Private School Teaching Positions:
Spring 2018 Positions:
- May 2018 – June 2019
- August 2018 – September 2019
- November 2018 – December 2019
Deadline to apply: 4 months before you'd like to leave

Application Fee: USD $400
This fee is waived for anyone who takes a TEFL/TESOL course through Greenheart Travel

  • Your personal program manager will review your application to make sure it’s correct and ready to be submitted to schools in Korea
  • Receive in-depth pre-departure support includes cultural and logistical training to prepare you for life in South Korea
  • Continued program support before, during and after your time teaching in South Korea
  • Be connected to a community of Greenheart Travel alumni teachers before, during and after your teaching contract
  • Paid Public or Private school placements throughout South Korea
South Korea
1 Year+
Salary / Benefits
Application fee: $400

- Paid English teaching positions throughout South Korea
- Public or private school placements
- One year contracts
- Guaranteed minimum salary of 2.1 million KRW per month ($1,950 USD)
- Paid vacation
- Personal attention and support from an experience Greenheart Travel program manager
Citizen of the U.S., Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, or South Africa
62 years of age or younger
NO criminal record including underage drinking charges, DUIs, misdemeanors, etc.
See our website for additional eligibility requirements
Weekly Classroom Hours
Classroom Audience
High School
Middle School
Price Details
What's included in the program fee:
- Personal support from a Greenheart Travel program manager throughout the application process
- One-on-One Advising Session with Greenheart Travel to discuss preferences, application process, preliminary questions
- Exclusive tips and prep questions for your job interview
- Access to 11+ guides and tools for each part of the process, built from years of experience, and updated each round
- Personal reminders throughout the process to ensure you are on the right track
- Monthly informative and open forum webinars with a Greenheart Travel program manager and other applicants for each step of the application process
- Tips and resources to expedite your documents
- Discounted document processing services through approved vendors
- Alternative program opportunities in Korea if you are not selected by your preferred program

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Program Reviews

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  • Benefits 9.7
  • Support 9.5
  • Fun 9.3
  • Facilities 9.5
  • Safety 8.9
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Teaching in South Korea

Kara Menini at Greenheart Travel helped me through the entire application process for teaching English in South Korea. There was an enormous amount of paperwork, so I'm glad I had the help. She was available to answer any of my questions (I had lots) and did so in a timely manner. I am so happy I came to Korea and hope to spend more than one year here. I'm finally settled in my new home, it took a couple of months to truly adjust. Don't be afraid. You can do it! My biggest tip is to learn as much Korean as you possibly can.

How can this program be improved?

The price is a bit high, but it's worth the help. I never had any issues with paperwork or deadlines.

Yes, I recommend
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I have only been here two months but teaching in Korea has already been an amazing experience. I am developing my teaching skills, experiencing an entire new culture, and making amazing connections with Korean co-workers and other teachers in the area.

I found the program through Greenheart travel and they were extremely positive and supportive through the process. The staff clearly care about their applicants and work hard to help them be successful getting into the program.

How can this program be improved?

There could be more clarity about the possibility of not getting into the program during the semester that you apply, and information about placements could be revealed sooner to help better prepare you for the experience.

*It is not in the control of Greenheart travel to reveal placements sooner.

Yes, I recommend
Life lover. World traveler. Teacher. Learner. Biker.

Can't Imagine Applying to Teach in Korea Without Greenheart Travel's Help!

Chances are if you're interested in applying to teach English in South Korea through the English Program in Korea (EPIK), you already know how extensive and daunting the application process is. Looking back on my experience, I can't imagine applying without Greenheart Travel's help!

I learned about Greenheart Travel about six year ago. When I first reached out about applying to teach in Korea, I had already missed the deadline. So, I waited a few months before attempting to apply again. I was so impressed that Greenheart Travel staff remembered my initial correspondence! From that point on, Greenheart Travel staff members were always so attentive and personable, all the while professional and efficient.

Greenheart Travel helped me successfully complete and submit all of the necessary documents needed on time in order to be offered a English teaching position in South Korea. I ended up staying in Korea for two years and absolutely LOVED my life there. And even after I had arrived in country, staff members from Greenheart Travel continually checked in on me, as well as encouraged the work I was doing!

How can this program be improved?

In my opinion there are no improvements necessary in regards to services provided by Greenheart Travel. Greenheart Travel has found a way to make a hefty and lengthy application process much less stressful and actually somewhat fun!

Yes, I recommend
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Great program!

Kara and the team were extremely helpful during the EPIK application process. They were always available to answer questions via email and call, and made my life so much easier going through this process. I have nothing but amazing things to say about Greenheart!

Yes, I recommend
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Helpful Program

It's helpful to have a company guide you through the intense application process. My Green Heart recruiter provided many detailed instructions on how to apply for certain documents and reminded me of the due dates for everything along the way.

How can this program be improved?

Some of the companies that were recommended by Green Heart to use for authenticating documents were not the most affordable.
Some of the directions given to me via PDF were not completely up-to-date.

Yes, I recommend
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Greenheart really is GREAT!!

I knew I wanted to teach English in South Korea, so I found a few different recruiters and emailed them all. Greenheart was one of them and the ONLY one that got back to me in a timely manner. This continued throughout my entire application process. Sara, the girl over the program for South Korea, was always so on top of things and replied to every email (no matter how silly the questions) within minutes, maybe an hour or two TOPS. She was very helpful and informative and sweet.

There was no way for her to help with my placement - this is just the nature of the EPIK program that I applied for through Greenheart. No recruiters would be able to guarantee a placement, as they fill up very fast and requirements change per area.

How can this program be improved?

The only thing I would wish to improve with the program is a little bit of help getting settled when we arrive in Korea. Maybe some kind of mini-orientation before the EPIK orientation begins? Perhaps arriving a day earlier and having a person or two to answer a few of the instant culture shock questions we try to get a head start on the recovery from jet lag. However, I did just fine without anything like this, I just know there were a few other recruiters that did things like this and I thought it was very nice to have an instant group of people to connect with. This in no way is a reason to not go with Greenheart. The clear, concise, and FAST communication with Greenheart is irreplaceable during the application process while everything is SO confusing. There are plenty of other helpful people here to answer questions once you've arrived in South Korea.

Yes, I recommend
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Excellent preparation!

I was very happy using greenheart travel. I found all my incessant, anxiety-driven and sometimes desperate questions answered promptly and intelligently. I experienced a couple of paperwork issues and my recruiter (Sarah) was extremely helpful and seemed to make a genuine effort to rectify any of the administrative issues I was experiencing. Since my placement in Korea, I've also come to appreciate just how in-tune Greenheart travel is with the processes and the education system here. Now that I have a more comprehensive understanding of EPIK, I further appreciate how Greenheart guided me and all the applicants to make as strong an application as possible. The advice they provide about the interview process as well as the realities of the positions themselves is, in my experience, very helpful and quite honest. Though I haven't heard much from greenheart since moving to Seoul, I don't think it would be necessary at this point anyway. I would definitely recommend greenheart travel to those looking to transition into EPIK teaching.

How can this program be improved?

I would offer a little more support for arrival. Other recruiters provided people with cell phones that were usable upon arrival, which was very useful in those first few (very confusing) days.

Yes, I recommend
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Great Program

Greenheart Travel has been excellent at every step of the way. While applying, our questions were promptly answered, and our apprehensions were cleared up. The entire process was made easier with their help. We knew exactly what to expect from the moment we landed in Korea until getting to our apartments. Big thanks to Sara at Greenheart!

Having had no experience as a teacher, the English Program in Korea (EPIK) has been an excellent first step in my teaching career. Over the past year and a half, I've seen entire classes of middle school students transform from being unsure of the lesson to having the 'a-ha moment' to being able to fire back answers as I review the material. I've never experienced something so rewarding.

I definitely recommend Greenheart Travel to anyone, with or without experience, looking to teach abroad.

Yes, I recommend
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Just do it!

Greenheart took great care of us throughout the application process. They we able to find me a placement despite my unusual situation- bringing a dependent.

Flash forward two years and my husband and I are still enjoying our experience here. We'll even be starting our third EPIK contract as a family of three. So let go of whatever is holding you back and just apply!

My school is so supportive and I love working with these cute kids. It's a big school so I teach only 5th and 6th grades and one period of English Club. My area is great; there is a great community of foreigners who offer support and friendship.

I have also been able to really get to know the Korean culture through travel, and native friends. Go to Korea. Greenheart travel will help you get there!

How can this program be improved?

I really can't think of anything they need to change. They answered all my questions timely and throughly. They were friendly and provided multiple forums for information and support.

Yes, I recommend
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Greenheart travel makes applying to teach abroad a much less daunting process. They were very helpful the entire way through-from the first draft of my application to my final departure. They check your application for any faults before sending it off to the Epik which I love because the application needs to be completed in a very specific way. Additionally, they give you interview tips and a pre-depature info session. I applied for EPIK in 2012, so it's been about 2 years since then; however, I remember the application process running very smoothly, and I know this is thanks to Greenheart.

How can this program be improved?

teaching in South Korea has been an amazing experience, and I think everything should have the experience of living outside of the comforts of your country in order to serve someone else. That said the English teaching situation is changing rather drastically. The benefits that I had when I first came to Korea may not be fully available in the (very near) future. Applicants should keep this in mind.

Yes, I recommend
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Greenheart Travel--The best of the best!

From the beginning to end of the long application process to teach English in Korea, Greenheart Travel (especially Sara Dorsey), has been exceptional. When I first showed an interest in teaching abroad, the Greenheart Travel website clearly displayed all the details of the program. (from benefits to job duties) I knew exactly how much my salary would be, how long the orientation would last, etc. This was extremely helpful. In addition, I became reassured at the legitimacy of the program when I noticed that Greenheart Travel is partnered with the EPIK-English Program in Korea. (a government-run program)

As the application process continued, Sara was extremely prompt in answering my questions via email and also offered helpful advice on what to expect while living in Korea. Since she had already taught in Korea in the past, it was very reassuring since I was already beyond nervous to move across the world and teach English. After I was accepted, I received a welcome packet and detailed itinerary of upcoming orientation in Korea. This was very helpful and I remember feeling so relieved when I received this from Greenheart Travel. It even had a map of the Incheon airport and helpful tips on how to handle culture shock! Greenheart travel made me feel much more prepared to begin my journey of traveling abroad.

I will be finishing my second year of teaching in Korea in February 2015 and am going to continue to teach and travel abroad. This time, it will be with Greenheart Travel Teach English in Colombia program! Overall, teaching in Korea has been full of ups and downs. But, it's been a worthwhile experience and I've gained various lifelong skills that will help me professionally in the future. These skills include: public speaking, classroom management, patience, and most importantly, ADAPTABILITY.

How can this program be improved?

I'm sure this is probably beyond Greenheart Travel's control, but my boyfriend and I were very late in receiving our visas. We applied when we were told to, but only received them a few days before departure to Korea. This was very stressful. We had to obtain our residency certificate before obtaining our visas, so maybe it would be better to obtain this earlier than later.
Another issue, (which may also have been beyond Greenheart Travel's control), was the fact that my boyfriend and I were not placed in the same city. We have met many other couples here who are not married and were placed in the same city. This was a bummer, of course. But, we've made it work!

Yes, I recommend
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A Chance for Personal and Professional Growth

When I was applying for this program I was having some difficulties that were driving me crazy. The fault for this was of course the paperwork and the bureaucratic tape you had to jump through to get it. I was working full time while I was going through these hoops and honestly if I didn't have the help and advise of Sarah over at Greenheart Travel, I might have just given up. I literally had to apply for something three times because I kept getting rejected for this or that reason, but Sarah helped me manage to get in the essentials of my application so that I wouldn't be left behind in the late application pool. eventually, when I got the rest of my paperwork I submitted it and joined the rest of the applicants in the waiting game. Greenheart Travel was fantastic as they put all paranoia at ease and sent me information to prepare me for the insanity I had just willingly signed up for.

It really is insane to voluntarily drop all the opportunities in your own backyard to move 7,000 miles away to a completely different country and do something for which there is no safety net. But as I sit here in my apartment in South Korea, I know I made the best move I could.. I enjoyed my first year of teaching high school history in the US after I graduated college. I look forward to going back and doing that, but at the time I wasn't ready to submit to the game of politics one has to play to secure a long term job in education. I knew I still wasn't ready to settle down and so I opted to take advantage of my youth and travel. Coming to South Korea was the perfect opportunity. From a historical viewpoint, there is nothing better than experiencing a culture for yourself and actually going to see the history. From the teaching viewpoint, I am becoming more flexible ("Korean surprises" are a daily occurrence, be prepared) and becoming familiar with different methods. This opportunity is not about running away from something, it's about helping myself grow more through less mainstream means.

I have no regrets in coming here and I couldn't ask for anything more (perhaps besides some less expensive peanut butter). There really is nothing like walking down the street after what has become an average day of teaching and just being completely content with life.

How can this program be improved?

It would be nice if someone was more familiar with the difference in the state to state process of applying for some of the necessary paperwork. This, of course, is difficult with fifty states, and only comes with experiences with difficulties like my own.

Yes, I recommend
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EPIK 9-10 day Orientation

During the 9 - 10 day orientation, I learned many helpful EL strategies from former EPIK teachers and those first hand experiences really helped me prepared for my first day in the classroom. Lots of resources were provided as well to help teachers get ideas for lesson planning as adjust to the culture and school system. Thank you EPIK for easing EPIK teachers into the classroom as best as possible.

How can this program be improved?

Perhaps telling EPIK teachers their placement sooner so they have an idea of the grade level they will be teaching and prepare if not, physically, mentally for the task.

Yes, I recommend
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Go for Greenheart!

Sara and Greenheart are great! Always there for you, every step of the way. The application paperwork and timelines for placement with the Korean EPIK program is a bit gruelling, be spot on with your paperwork or you will miss your placement deadline! But if this is the position you want Greenheart can get you there with as much support as one can expect along the way. As well the EPIK program's orientation is extremely thorough, rest up before you arrive!!

How can this program be improved?

I don't think Greenheart recruits for all of the EPIK provinces, which I did not realize. Check it out.

Response from Greenheart Travel

Thank you, Susan! We're so glad you're loving life in Korea. We actually do recruit for all EPIK provinces, however, EPIK does not recruit for Gyeonggi province at all. That program is completely separate and called "GEPIK". Hope that helps clear up the confusion! We don't pick and choose which provinces or cities we place in, we place in all locations EPIK is placing in that round.

I'm glad you stuck the paperwork out and that we could help you through it all :)


Yes, I recommend
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Great recruiter for a 1st timer

My overall experience has been really good overall. I didn't really know what to expect, but I'm really glad I went with Greenheart Travel. My recruiter was always willing to answer my questions, often in a timely manner. She helped me with pretty much all aspects of my application process.

How can this program be improved?

One thing I was hoping for at the airport (Seoul International Airport) I arrived in was maybe some sort of contact person. I also wished there was more after-arrival tips/advice.

Yes, I recommend

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