I want to do this but don't hold a degree. Is there anyway I could still teach?

Posted by Robert Rigby 6 years 9 months ago

Hi, I'm looking at becoming a volunteer teacher and meet all the above qualifications but don't hold a degree. Is there any way I can still do this in the Marshall Islands? Thanks Rob



Thank you for your interest in a WorldTeach teaching position. Unfortunately, we only offer year long teaching positions to candidates who hold a degree. This is partly our policy, but the Ministries and Departments of Education we partner with require you hold a degree to teach in their schools as well. Summer teaching programs only require you are 18 or older, however we do not offer a summer long teaching position in the Marshall Islands. Other summer long options available to you would be Costa Rica, Ecuador, Haiti, Micronesia, Morocco, Namibia, Nepal, and Poland. Please visit the website for more information, or call the office to hear more about what's available to you.


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