Is it possible to live off 1000 euros a month? How much is average rent?

Posted by Jennifer Renee 4 years 1 month ago


1000 € /m is not adaquete in Madrid area unless you share space. Though other expenses are manageable, you’ll spend plenty enjoying the city. Best you can hope for in Madrid is ‘break even’. Wine is cheap everywhere. Elsewhere in Spain you’ll do better—use buses instead of expensive RENFE. Buena suerte!

It’s definitely possible to live off 1000€/month! It’s actually way easier than I thought it would be. I live outside the city center and only pay 360€ a month including utilities and WiFi, but even if you’re in the city center, I think you can find a place for a reasonable price.

Groceries and restaurants are way cheaper here than in the states, so cost of living in general is lower, I’d say, even if rent can be pricey.

Also, I do 5 private classes a week, which covers my rent, so I have the 1000€ stipend to use for food, leisure, and travel. They all just fell into my lap, and it’s nice to have the extra cash, but I was doing okay on money for over 2 months before I started any of them.

All in all, I would recommend trying to set up a rough plan for a budget, but it really isn’t difficult to get by. Hope that helps!