How about those who are not English native speakers?

Posted by Alexandra Katsiki 5 years 7 months ago


Hi Alexandra,
The majority of English language classes around the world are taught by non native English teachers, e.g. in Russia the majority teaching English are Russian. In China the majority teaching English are Chinese. Most countries want fluent English speakers ("native is also use") because many of the local English teachers don't have fluent English skills or American or British dialect and their students spend very little time in conversation skills of listening and speaking. Obviously very fluent English speakers are around the world and are native to their country but a large amount do not have those verbal skills. Employers vary from country to country on who they will hire but excellent verbal skills outside your own country are really needed. Some countries have legal limitations on the citizenship they can hire and get work permits. Other unions such as the EU have hiring practices that are much more open for English teachers from countries within the EU. So it's a short question and a big answer as there are over 200 countries and everyone is different.

Here's some additional information about teaching English abroad as a non native English speaker, job options and the ability to enroll into our TEFL class so you have the correct expectations and also know your limitations of employment.…