What is the application process?

Posted by Carlos Yancy 5 years ago

I am a certified ESOL teacher in Virginia and a native speaker of Spanish.


Dear Carlos,

My name is Karelly Landeros.Thank you for your interest in the International Teacher Training Organization’s (ITTO’s) TEFL job placement services.

If you are already a Certified Teacher please find additional information below regarding TEFL job placement services through ITTO.

Why Use ITTO For TEFL Job Placement Services?

ITTO has plenty of contacts and affiliates around the world, especially in Mexico and Latin America. Countless graduates from our program, as well as TEFL certificate-holders from other programs, have been placed into excellent teaching careers. These positions would have been difficult or impossible to obtain without the connections and guidance which ITTO offers.

Our friendly staff is available to help you with any questions you may have, before, during, and after placement – just ask and we will do our best to meet your needs!

What Services Are Included?

· MONEY – You will receive guaranteed paid job placement in Mexico.

· LOCATION – You choose where you want to work. We’ll guarantee that your exciting new teaching career is in one of your top five locations.

· HELP – You will receive pre-departure information and assistance. Full-time local support is also available from our friendly, qualified ITTO staff.

· HOUSING – We will help you find accommodations through the schools where you will be teaching.

· FLEXIBILITY – Even if you are changing or adding another teaching job, we will still place you within your top five locations, provided that you’ve satisfactorily completed your first assignment.

· DISCOUNTS – You will receive an International Teacher’s ID Card (ITIC) after your first month of work, which is good for discounts throughout Mexico and the world. It has been endorsed by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, and is the most widely accepted card for international access to whatever educator benefits are available where ever you travel.

What Is Required To Qualify For Services?

· You will need a TEFL certification (or equivalent) from a reputable institution subject to the review of ITTO. (Need TEFL certification? Please see our web-site: https://www.tefl.com.mx/

· Be a native English speaker.

· Be at least 21 years old at the time of assignment.

· You will need a valid passport. This will not only help you in your travels, but is absolutely necessary in order to process your work permit.

· Be available to work mornings and/or evenings with children, teens or adults – either at schools, language centers, or in-company.

· Be open-minded, independent, and in good health.

· Submit a resume and cover letter. Formats for these will be provided upon request.

· $200 US in non-refundable deposit upon acceptance. The remaining $290 must be paid no later than two weeks before you’re your arrival-date in Mexico.

What Can I Expect From My Job Placement?

· Most certified teachers can expect a starting salary of $500-$600 US per month in most countries. Experience, performance, and degrees may increase this amount, but this should be more than enough for you to be able to support yourself in any foreign country.

· 30-40 hours of work per week, or about 6-8 classes per day (depending on the school’s scheduling arrangement).

How Do I Get Proceed?

· Fill out our application. https://www.tefl.com.mx/secureaplication/

· Send a cover letter and resume.

· Please also send a letter of reference from the TEFL Center where you graduated. It is preferable that you also include a reference from a previous employer, especially if it is from a school where you have taught EFL.

· Be sure to include a copy of your TEFL certificate and any degrees you may have.

· We will need a copy of your passport as well, and two (2) recent passport-size photographs of yourself.

· Please do not forget your $200 US application fee. You may pay with pay pal, bank transfer, or credit card. (your balance upon receipt will be $290 as mentioned above).

Should you require additional details, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.


Karelly Landeros

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