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Sorry, but we are no longer recruiting for this program.

Hi Evgenia, thank you for your question. There are opportunities for non-native English speaking, but otherwise qualified teachers in this program for certain subjects. In this case, there is an IELTS requirement that must be met, and the score depends on the subject that you would be applying for.


Hmmm, we're not sure! (Although we'd love to know now too!) We recommend reaching out to the program provider to find out more about going abroad with a four-legged friend. Here's a link for the provider's contact info: http://www.footprintsrecruiting.com/contact-us.

The money you can make teaching in Dubai would depend on the school and their rating from KHDA. If the school has a very good rating, their school fees can increase which means a great salary. Starting salaries can be anything from AED11K and an annual increment. Dubai is a great tutoring hub with can boost your monthly income.