Did anyone have experiences with being transferred?

Posted by Juliette Behringer 3 years 7 months ago

I see that in the contract there are a lot of stipulations that VPbali can transfer you to different programs based on needs at the time, and that this may be a last minute decision. I would really love to be in Ubud for this program, did anyone have this happen to them! Thank you!


Hi Juliette,

I requested for the Ubud program before beginning and was told that I was able to join it. The Ubud program has two schools. I believe that if you get accepted to the program you request for, you will be able to go through with it. I didn't know anyone who got transferred unless they initially tried applying for a separate program.

Hi Juliette!
As far as I know volunteers only get transferred if there is a case of illness or cancelation, and only if it otherwise means that a certain class doesn't have a teacher.
When I was volunteering I did not see anyone transferred, they are very well organized and try to accommodate everyone's wishes.