What were some of the issues with your living situation?

Posted by Stephanie Sanfilippo 6 years 3 months ago

Quite a few of past interns have rated the living situation in Madrid with the Intern Group quite low. As a prospective intern, I would appreciate hearing any explanations. Thank you!


I never had any issues with my living situation. The flat was clean and nice, had everything you could need and was in a good location.

You'll probably end up living with some other students or interns, so if that bothers a person they could request to live alone but I never had any issues with my roommates and found it was nice to have others to talk to and go out with to increase your social network.

Thank you for the information!

I didn't have any issues with my living situation either. The flat was small but we had a cleaning lady and I got on well with the landlord and my roommates.

If you find you want to change though, I've found that the group at Madrid will try their best to accommodate you where possible. The only thing I found a bit annoying was the choice of grocery stores in Madrid, the small ones where I lived had quite limited stock. I had to travel further to get everything I needed and that meant lugging bags around on public transport. While it was a good work out, I could have done without it. :)

Good to know! Thank you so much.


Living situation wasn't bad at all, your usually with other interns. When I first got there I was a bit surprised at the flat as I thought it was going to be more like a uni halls or something, but the decor is quite dark and relatively small. Also had an oven that you had to light yourself which was an experience! Haha. But you get used to it really quickly and I loved my flat by the end. I found that all the flats were different though!