International Internships in Madrid with The Intern Group
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International Internships in Madrid with The Intern Group

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The Intern Group's summer internship programs are filling up. Apply today so that you don't miss out!

We offer successful applicants the chance to gain invaluable work experience in Madrid, Spain's cosmopolitan capital. During your internship abroad, you will gain hands-on professional experience and build a network for your future career. Your internship in Madrid will make you stand out from your peers.

Partnering with a range of leading companies, organizations and NGOs, our program will boost your professional development. We offer programs for people of all backgrounds and experience levels. Current student or recent graduate? Take this chance to gain experience that will make your resume stand out. Not sure what you want to study yet? Take a gap year to test-drive your career. Professional in transition? Gain experience in your new field.

We've previously placed interns with companies such as Grant Thornton, Mazars and Orangina Schweppes.

  • Have a top-class international internship in Madrid! Our personalised process ensures that you will be working in the industry sector of your choice, in a role that is tailored to your professional goals.
  • It makes your resume stand out! In today's society, everyone does sport, plays an instrument and is part of a society. As one of millions of young people applying for their first job, you need to find a way to jump off the page!
  • Make friends and professional networks in Madrid and from all over the world! Whether you like it or not, it's not what you know, it's who you know.
  • Have an amazing life experience in Madrid! We know that moving to a new place can be nerve-racking. Thats why our team on the ground is made up of Madrilenos who are there to give you support 24/7.
  • For non native-Spanish speakers perfect your language! Learn Spanish in a real-world environment, rather than in the classroom.
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Questions & Answers

Hiya, Living situation wasn't bad at all, your usually with other interns. When I first got there I was a bit surprised at the flat as I thought it was going to be more like a uni halls or something, but the decor is quite dark and relatively small. Also had an oven that you had to light yourself which was an experience! Haha. But you get used to it really quickly and I loved my flat by the end. I...
I was in Madrid for two months and had prepared about €1600. I did budget and because I was very careful with money at the start I had quite a bit left over towards the end. It also depends on how much you eat out because that does get quite expensive.

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Program Reviews (26)


Muy Bein

The past four months have been very captivating and has been a life changing experience which I will cherish for the rest of my life. I would definitely recommend participating in this because not only will it help develop your life skills but also gain invaluable life lessons! Intern Group made the journey of a life time so much calmer! They were excellent at providing lots of support and making sure you are ready for the internship this made me feel relaxed. Lalita the Associate Director of Madrid was helpful to guide me throughout the process. They were always there to direct me to the next stage, and would always get back to me via email!
It was my first time doing something of this nature, so naturally I was anxious and worried. I didn’t know what to expect. I met amazing people at the intern group which I connected with, that made my experience a lot better and will keep in contact with them, it’s safe to say I have made life long friends!
My first week I struggled with the environment because everything was out of my comfort zone. But after a few days, you adjust to the culture and the more places you visit the more you love the place. Irene is the event coordinator who plans weekly events this gave the opportunity to meet the other interns. The events were different, so I would recommend going to each event because they were fantastic and eye-opening!
So, my work had a friendly environment. They mostly spoke Spanish this left me alienated. This then motivated me to learn the language and what better place to learn it than Spain. I started understanding what they were saying but struggled speaking it. I will carry on learning the language when I go back to the UK.
I didn’t have a plan how much I was going to spend so the first month I restricted myself from overspending, which later gave the opportunity to travel around Spain; to places like Granada and Sevilla. I would recommend travelling outside of Madrid to see how different each part of the city is. It was breathtaking and honestly left me in awe. It was very emotional leaving the place not knowing when I’ll come back. It has left a strong sense of nostalgia.

How can this program be improved?

Maybe doing some sport activities.

Yes, I recommend

Looking back on my Madrid Journey!

When I got accepted into the programme for an internship in Madrid I was very apprehensive about what would be in store. Throughout the process, the Intern Group sent videos, lots of emails keeping me updated and information sheets. It helped me feel at ease not having to worry about housing, transport and the culture shock.

I only really spoke with Lalita the Associate Director and Irene the Events Coordinator. All the cultural events organised by Irene, and included in your fee, were amazing. It helps provide a support network and I have made such great friends and mixed with people from other cultures.

We had a few problems with housing at the beginning but this was the only issue I had. We had many emails with Lalita and all of the Intern Group Madrid to get everything sorted for us. At all times, even the weekends, they were responsive and supportive. Together a solution was found and I felt that their attitude was one of genuine concern!

Yes, I recommend
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The Intern Group: Madrid - Review

My time in Madrid with the Intern Group was a dream!

Really what makes the experience that much better is the quality of people that you meet here. You meet people from all around the world, and these people become your friends because at the beginning, there is nobody else that you can relate to because you don't know anybody else! Whether it's getting churros at the oldest churro place in Madrid late at night or travelling to other Spanish cities like Salamanca together, the people is what makes this an experience of a lifetime. Kudos to the Intern Group for choosing and selecting great people; it makes your experience that much better.

The Intern Group is also fantastic at ensuring there are events for you attend during the work, and everyone on staff is so easy to get along with. Importantly, if there is ever an issue, they respond promptly and fix the issue as soon as possible, which is a wonderful thing to have when living in a foreign environment.

How can this program be improved?

If possible, providing more scholarship or financial aid the enable participants to come who may not have the necessary funds to come on their own. The program is quite expensive and while that isn't an obstacle for a lot of the program participants, it was for me, and required a lot of fundraising and working about 50 hours a week. So if it was possible to provide more of that for those in financial need, that would be fantastic.

Yes, I recommend
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The best learning challenge for your career and life!

Acquiring an internship through The Intern Group (Madrid) only saw amazing rewards and benefits for myself. As a Media Graduate, I was able to learn and enhance various skills within my taught discipline, as well as other areas I was interested in. As a young adolescent, the international internship taught me greatly how to adjust to a completely different, rich culture and successfully live independently.

I was a Content Marketing Intern at a Political Communications start-up.
I had set responsibilities, but was also give much freedom to learn about the sides of the business I wanted to work in too. This company helped me greatly in analysing and learning about the technical sides of Social Media and Content Marketing, as well as using CMS and Company Exclusive Software. A lot of these skills I had developed at this start-up helped me in standing out at job interviews recently.

Aside from interning all-day, The Intern Group schedules fun social events for all interns in the city. In Madrid, it was always a good time catching up with the other interns at tapas nights, walks around the city... and then even scheduling our own events by ourselves! Everyone whom I have met in The Intern Group have been awesome characters that have added to my experience in Madrid.

When it came to accommodation and living there, Intern Madrid took care of me very well, and gave instructions and info about every aspect of living in Madrid. They provided me with 10/10 accommodation and answered to any queries or complaints I had right away. They make sure to be contactable easily, and knowing they were just a call or message away made me at ease all the time.

In short, you wouldn't be wise to turn down an international internship, especially one with The Intern Group. You have only to gain from these kinds of experiences, and I hope you choose to experience it through The Intern Group!

How can this program be improved?

Growing the Intern Group to more cities around the world!

Yes, I recommend
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Definitely Worth It

I was always anxious starting an Internship in Spain, not only did I speak no Spanish but the culture was so different to what I was used to in Australia. Also, it was pretty daunting moving to a totally foreign country and knowing absolutely no one... Thankfully, the team at the InternGroup knew what it is like and were extremely good at making you feel not only comfortable and confident but safe as well.

From the moment I stepped off the plane I knew I had nothing to worry about. A man picked me up in a large limousine like van (which was pretty cool) and drove me straight to my appartment in Ventas, right next to the bull fighting ring. I made my way upto my appartment, which was nice and reasonably sized, and met my knew housemates. Luckily, my housemates were awesome and I transitioned into life in Spain very easily. We had a meet and great on my second day and I met the other interns (who I would be spending the next three months with), which was great as you straight away make a nice social network. The reason I am saying all this is because first impressions are everything and after my first day in Madrid I knew I was going to love it. The people at The Intern Group were so helpful professionally and socially.

Professionally my internship was great, the people at work were friendly, fun and welcoming. They understood if I was ever late (whether it was because the metro had problems or because I stayed at the cervezeria too long the night before...) and when I didn't show up to work one monday after missing my flight and getting stuck in Barcelona Sunday night, they emailed to make sure I was ok. They knew I wanted to do plenty of travel while I was in Europe and they were extremely accomodating.

Lalita is brilliant, always on standby if you have any problems and eager to help out. Such an enthusiastic personality, I don't know how she does it. I would love to know what she puts in her coffee because I need some... Whenever you see her it brightens your day and makes you excited to be there.

Irene is gorgeous, she provides us with social experiences and reccomendations of places to go/things to do in Madrid. She is young, fun and energetic plus knows A LOT about Madrid, I could listen to her talk for ever. Every week she organizes social gatherings and if you want something to do just message her on facebook, she is always so eager to let you know what's on and is one of the nicest peope I have ever met. My experience certainly would have been different if she wasn't there.

Anyway if anyone is actually still reading this and wondering if the experience is worth it, I say do it. You will have a great time, meet some amazing people and make some experiences you will never forget. I didn't think I would write a review this long but I'm still here and my fingers are starting to hurt from typing so I might wrap it up now. If, like me, you are from somewhere far away like Australia make sure you do some travelling. Everything is so close and so different, you fly a couple of hours to Switzerland or Austria for example and it's a whole new world. Don't get too caught up in going out every night, there's so much so see.

Big thanks to The Intern Group for everything, I will never forget this experience!

Yes, I recommend

A Dream Came True

First of all, do forgive the clichéd start just alike any testimony that is bound to be infused with an outburst of positivity, but, I still can't help but say:

'Where do I even start?'

This opportunity, first and foremost, came to me unexpectedly at a time I needed to step out of the place I was at. I needed a head-start in my career field of interest, work in my interests was the hardest thing to find and odd jobs were a necessity to survive. But most of all, I needed to fulfil that restless travel bug within me to explore and create new experiences. I didn't want perfect, nor did I ask for the best package. I just hoped for new, adventures, memories and experiences to take with me in what I can garner in skills, and to further grow as a person. And with that, never had I expected to have gotten all from the moment I was told Intern Madrid wanted me onboard Less than a year later, without the slightest hesitation will I say that those three months spent in Madrid will always be one of the most impactful and unforgettable highlights of my life :))

Not only had I gained so much in my internship with working as a Social Media Professional at Tilo Motion (digital marketing agency) and garnering so much scope and beyond with what I do, I had also widened my networks and made friends even with the older age group in the office too. Going to work full-time was definitely beneficial in my learning and having a great team to work with everyday just made it all the better! Not only that, I've met some of the most wonderful souls in the Intern program and external social activities that I'm so proud and happy to still have as friends (and family!) even with the distance and own individual pathways. There were some great bonds made in the various time lapses throughout my stay in Madrid and people I've met in social and unexpected circumstances along the way; and they still hold close to my heart.

In terms of logistics, the accommodation (4 bedroom apartment) provided was pretty decent in a cute old Spanish neighbourhood and the location itself (between Manuel Becerra and Ventas metro stations) was quite convenient seeing its close proximity to many shops, cheap eateries, parks and sights. I've also enjoyed the various activities planned for us interns like the Toledo trip, Flamenco show, Bernabeu Stadium, rooftop bar views, food market and churro nights..(and the list goes on). Really, if you want to make the most of your stay, do make the effort to attend all or most of the events organised, as it'll only encourage you to see more of the amazing vibrant city of Madrid. Honestly, there's never enough time to cover everything, no matter how much you do. Hence why I'll be back again one day!

One thing's for sure..
From the moment you enter Intern Madrid, and the second you leave for home or other ventures, you can be well assured that you will be well taken care of! Lalita and Thalassa are incredible beings with the biggest of hearts :) It's so nice to know you're not alone and they're the smiling faces and mother hens you can turn to for any enquiries and worries, and always always, for a good chat. I certainly miss their genuine care and affection, and how close we've all gotten. It's lovelier to see that we still keep in touch con much cariño, even when away from each other. Thus, it's also evident that once you're a part of this familia, there's no way out ;)

At end, if an experience is what you need..the kind that is enriching, fulfilling and overwhelming in many spectrums, with moments that could entail downsides which will help challenge you to learn and thus grow stronger from, and incredulous upsides that leave you smiling in nostalgia, with many many friends made from all walks of life...those kinds packaged as a can find that when you take your next step with Intern Madrid. You have an adventure, work experience and a fantastic lot of beautiful hearts and faces waiting for you..

España is waiting. Gift yourself this chance :)

How can this program be improved?

More variety and options with housing accommodations.

Yes, I recommend
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The epitome of why going abroad is so recommended

I arrived in Spain knowing very little about it's culture and even less of the Spanish language. Although I found the first few days confusing and disorienting, the experience of learning how to commute around a city as an illiterate due to the language disability was almost exhilarating and filled me with a sense of accomplishment as I always found my destination. Experiencing a culture so different from the one I was used to, opened perspectives and enabled me to get a new sense of the world I live in.

The Intern Group in Madrid not only attained me a work experience that I will not soon forget, they also actively helped with any issues I had with quick email responses and engaged, not only myself, but all the interns in weekly social activities ranging from visiting soccer stadiums to going to go eat delicious Spanish meals from various restaurants that are so abundantly found all over Madrid. I never found myself bored and I never found myself resenting going to work. Exactly what I wanted out of obtaining work experience while also experiencing the country I was a foreigner to.

The other Interns are also all relatively the same age as one another making it easy to befriend one another and the sense of maturity from all of them made that working experience that more welcoming. I recommend this program fully if you're goal is to find a suitable internship in the field you desire while also experiencing the culture of the country and the social aspect that comes with it. You have your patatas bravas and cervezas at nights and working ethics and skills that will brighten your future during the day. I don't know what else you could ask for from such an experience.

Yes, I recommend
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Amazing experience!

Interning in Madrid will definitely be one of the most memorable things I've done for loads of reasons! Overall the experience was amazing and I would recommend to anyone deciding whether or not it is worth it to go for it, because even if there is an issue with your internship or you're not happy when you get out there, the team from intern Madrid will respond to your concerns straight away and try to help you overcome any issues.

Two things that I would suggest when deciding on how to shape your internship:
1. The length of time you choose to go for I think is really important. I only went to Madrid for 6 weeks and I really feel that it wasn't enough time to really get into the work of the organisation. If I could go again I would go for at least 2 months.
2. The language. Although most of my friends were placed in English speaking organisations, I think to get the most out of the work and to be given more responsibilities, you should know a certain level of Spanish before you get out there. I went out there not knowing any Spanish and it resulted in having to change certain aspects of my work week.

Aside from these things, the experience as a whole is amazing. You start with a number of other interns who are all in the same boat as you and so everyone is keen to get to know each other. As well as this, the team from intern Madrid organise a number of trips and activities which brings everyone together and I would recommend you go to all of them if you can.

My number one tip is just to throw yourself into the whole thing, intern Madrid are really supportive the entire time but ultimately its down to you how the whole experience goes!

How can this program be improved?

More efficient timing-wise. I was placed only 2 weeks before I arrived in Madrid which was really daunting beforehand.

More guidance beforehand in regards to the language. Perhaps suggesting a certain level of Spanish needed.

Yes, I recommend

An experience you can´t miss!

When I first contacted InternMadrid I was shocked at the organization and excellent communication I received since day 1. I wasn´t really sure if I was ready to do an exchange program all alone in a whole new country, but they answered every single one of my questions really quickly and efficiently. I´m really glad they did, because they were right, it was the best decision I could´ve taken!

Before my arrival I constantly received very useful emails on how to prepare myself for this new adventure. When the day finally came and I arrived to the airport, it was a delight to see that I had a driver waiting for me with a really comfortable car. They gave my a pretty useful package full of all the program information, as well as plenty of maps and information about Madrid that I would not have known if it wasn't because of them.

My housemates and I matched really well. Tere were always activities organized by internMadrid so we always had something to do. And a good thing was that if we didn't want to participate we were´t forced to. I think this is great too because there´s always some activity planned for you, but if you don't want to participate and rest it´s totally fine too.

But the BEST part of my internship will definitely be Mixtropy, the company I worked for. My bosses treated me AMAZING since the first day, and my co-workers were extremely friendly too. I immediately felt accepted and part of the team. I had quite a lot of work to do all the time, which is something I enjoyed because I did´t want to be sitting on a desk all day waiting for my bosses to give me work to do. I truly learned heaps of new stuff about marketing, writing, blogging, and always in a nice environment.

I would definitely recommend this experience to anyone that has the opportunity to do it. You won´t only learn A LOT at work, but you also learn so much about a new culture, language, and most important of all about yourself. Trust me, you´ll never be the same person again after this (and you´ll love the new you!)

How can this program be improved?


Yes, I recommend
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Intern Madrid 2016


Where do I start? I would say the entire experience as a whole has taught me so much. I've learnt how to use HPLC and analyse scientific data, learnt so much about the warm and friendly Spanish Culture and the history of the beautiful country itself. I wish my internship in Spain never ended and I applied for jobs in Spain as a result. No word of a lie, if you get the chance to take part in an internship then please choose intern Madrid! Both Lalita and Thalassa will steal your heart just like they stole mine! They will not only help you get a placement and show you around Spain but they make sure you're okay every step of the way.

Again! This was a life changing experience which I would love to take part in again!

Raeesa xxxx

Yes, I recommend
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Great Experience

If you want to expand your professional experience this is a great program! I encourage professional students to seek this opportunity in one of the most fascinating cities, its fun and a big opportunity to know people in your career field. I advise you to research first on your program before coming to Madrid. Spain is a great place to live and experience new professional opportunities. Is also essential to know a little of spanish before coming to experience a new country, specially if you don't know the language. I did the program and I learn new things in my professional career, now I'm back living in Madrid and studying my Master's.

Yes, I recommend
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Yo no hablo español!!!!

Thinking back to when I secured and Internship with the InternGroup Madrid I had 1 primary concern, which I am sure resonates with others in my position. However they were quickly laid to rest as I will explain below:-

I do not speak ANY Spanish

Not only did i not speak any Spanish before I started my Internship in Madrid, i also have (so i have been told) and aptitude for NOT learning languages. I was therefore concerned I would not be able to contribute in professional or social situations at all!!

I would like to reassure students that are/were like me!! the Intern Group do a fantastic job at placing you within companies where you will be most effective-this also means in companies with a compatible language level to yourselves. If you have a high level of knowledge in the Spanish language you will be placed in a predominantly Spanish speaking environment.However, if you are like me the Intern Group will place you in a company where the main language is English, this way you are able to learn Spanish but work and be effective in English!!

As for the social environment, do not worry!! All interns speak English at a decent level. You will be living with either other English speaking Interns or university students wanting to speak in English. The Intern Group also puts a huge amount of effort into organizing and maintaining a diverse range of social activities. You will never feel at a disadvantage for not knowing Spanish!!

And hey, despite my apparently best efforts to speak English the entire five months i was there- i came away with a basic grounding in Spanish! Just think if I actually made an effort i may be fluent!!

I hope you enjoy the experience as much as me; Madrid is a captivating city (honestly you fall in love and never want to leave) & the internship with the Intern Group has for me personally been a life changer!!

How can this program be improved?

The accommodation- a large majority of the Intern flats seem to be located in buildings with a much higher average age. This doesnt seem fair on the other residents and doesnt help interns to socialize

Yes, I recommend
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To get your money's worth

When I first decided to take part in the Intern Madrid program one of the things I was most worried about was the price I was paying. It's a pretty hefty sum. However after completing a two month program I can say that I definitely got my money's worth and here's why.

1. Support system
For anyone who hasn't spent a lot of time overseas, Intern Madrid really looks out for you. If you have any problems at all, Thalassa and Christina will do their best to help you out. This includes everything from fixing kitchen appliances to good restaurants to eat at to questions about your workplace. And for anyone who likes to be more independent and do your own thing, they don't hover and cramp your style. It's really down to your own personal preference.

2. Everything is organised for you
You could probably sort out your own internship, accommodation etc. yourself but that takes ALOT of planning and is quite stressful. Intern Madrid takes care of all the hassle. For example, I had a international student in my flat who had to sort out their own metro card which required them to telephone to make an appointment and then go in to fill out the forms. Intern Madrid had my metro card for me when I stepped out of the airport.

3. Social scene
When you arrive in Madrid, you instantly have a group of people to figure things out with. Everyone is pretty like-minded and for me, the people I met are one of the reasons why I enjoyed my time with Intern Madrid so much. Also the included activities really help you to get to know the others in your group.

4. Overall growth
I think with everything, it is what you make it. Put yourself out there, try new things and your experience will be that much richer. Sure, you may come across some things that you aren't 100% happy with but talk to Thalassa or Christina and they honestly do everything they can to help you out. I have grown so much as a person and that isn't something I can put a price on.

I will definitely be recommending Intern Madrid to anyone considering to do it!

Yes, I recommend
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Is it worth the price?

Intern Madrid is a terrific springboard into a summer of exploration and professional experience. Like any extended time abroad, you will find yourself falling in love with a foreign place and all of its hidden gems. From orientation to airport pickup to consistent and reliable contact, Intern Madrid has your back. Led by the wonderful Thalassa, the program is tightly run and structured. I leave with nothing but good memories --which, in Spain, are hard not to make!

But, as is the case with any summer program for pre-professionals, there are flaws. These misgivings (some bigger than others) weren’t enough to keep me from enjoying my time there, but they are worth noting. The first and most upsetting part of the program is it’s tremendous lack of transparency. With such a large price tag, one would expect the program to include a breakdown of prices from the get-go (i.e. x amount for housing, x amount for placement, x amount for included activities, etc.). Instead you are hounded to pay a fixed price from the moment your first interview is over--a price that, shockingly, doesn’t include what you need most: food, insurance, and travel costs. Instead it covers a mysterious placement fee and a housing fee, which, if you compare with the Aluni housing provider website or any Airbnb, is notably overpriced. Tip: save money by booking your own housing and find a roommate on the Facebook group.

During the early course of your experience you will receive more emails asking for money than you will about details regarding your internship. I find this problematic! It can easily feel as though Intern Madrid is more concerned about the bill than about your experience. Thalassa and Christina help wane this feeling with their energy and kindness, but money details still prevail.

Second, the “included activities” are surface-level at best. Skip the cattle-call trip to Toledo and go on your own or with a friend. On the organized trip you are required to stay with a tour group that spends more time in gift shops than it does in the city. In addition, Intern Madrid urges you to attend the “professional development” workshops if you’re “serious about your career insights” (but they schedule these workshops during your workday, which is ironic given we are here because we are serious about work.) Again–best to skip this workshop and enjoy another day of work (which you are technically paying much more for!). Flamenco night, however, is by far the best organized activity. Highly recommended!

If you make the most of it, a summer with Intern Madrid is a summer you won’t forget. Given you like your internship and your roommates, and go into the program with healthy expectations and an attitude of exploration--you’re set. That being said, the price tag is high,and seeing as Intern Madrid doesn’t offer financial aid, the group’s diversity suffers.

If Intern Madrid were more transparent and more generous, they would have my recommendation. Until then, they have plenty of room to grow.

Response from The Intern Group

First of all, thank you for your positive feedback and for your thoughts on where we could improve.

We are delighted that you felt the program offered you an excellent professional experience and springboard to launch your career. Equally important, we are really happy to hear that you enjoyed your time in Madrid so much. The whole team constantly strive to make this experience the very best it can be. That is, after all, why we exist and our success depends upon each and every one of our program participants leaving with a sense of accomplishment and enjoyment – and memories and experiences that will help them through their careers .

You raised some specific concerns that we would like to address.

Regarding the point about transparency - what we offer is a comprehensive service. What our program participants see, get and pay for is the finished article and one that involves an enormous amount of planning, logistics and staffing. The program includes a very great deal, as can be seen on our website and we believe that there is absolute transparency of what is, and is not, included in the program. When you arrive, you are met and driven to your accommodation, you receive a welcome briefing and guidance on a range of topics, all of which will make your life much easier; you have constant support throughout your entire stay in case of any issues; you have activities included which are designed to help you feel at home and understand what Madrid and Spain are all about, and the opportunity to make immediate friends with other interns in our large program community. In short, we remove all stress and chance, and give you support and certainty.

You also mentioned that we referenced billing a lot pre-arrival. We have checked the emails sent to you and you were sent 3 emails that referenced billing. It was mentioned in your acceptance letter to confirm your place in the program. A second once you had been confirmed in your internship role, and a third giving you a friendly reminder to pay your balance before the deadline a few weeks before arrival. All emails were very polite - we are saddened you feel this way. We try and be as fair and polite as possible – it is important, though, that everything is dealt with promptly. Things like your accommodation are paid for many weeks before your arrival and dealing with hundreds of apartments is a complex issue. To ensure a high quality program it is essential we deal with these elements in an organized fashion – something we have learnt many times over the years. To give some more context, you also received 3 emails pre-arrival just reminding you to take your 360 degree skill evaluation HR tool we include in the program – what we are trying to say here is pre-arrival it is imperative we deal with numerous elements of the program so you have the best experience possible. It is your experience that is what matters to us.

Regarding your point about not including food, insurance and travel costs – we used to include food in our programs and we stopped because we received very contradictory feedback. So far we have had interns from over 105 nationalities, so you can imagine the variety and complexity of tastes when it comes to food. We do not include insurance as it would be an unnecessary cost to many of our participants, who already have insurance plans through their family or university. But we do recommend a well-priced insurance plan for anyone without a family/university plan, and make this easy to purchase as an add-on. Finally, we do not include flights as everyone has different plans – some like to travel extensively before and after the program and coordinating a price plan with airlines would make this element far more expensive for our program participants than simply purchasing flights separately.

Regarding financial aid/diversity – this is a very good point and it is something we are very aware of. It is our long term aim to offer significant financial aid and scholarships on a needs-basis for everyone ambitious and talented enough to benefit from a first-class experience abroad like this. Indeed, this year we were very pleased to offer our first ever full-ride needs-based scholarship to our emerging markets program in Colombia. Step by step! It will take a long time, and we are still a young organization, but we will get there. We very much hope that if you look at us some years from now we will do very well on this point.

Finally, regarding the included events – finding the right balance has been a matter of trial and error and the feedback we have received has suggested that we are on the right path. We have an extensive social/cultural calendar where optional community events are also organized on a bi-weekly basis by our experience coordinator, which really aims to make you part of Madrid, take you under the surface with authentic experiences and bring our program community together. We used to include the professional development workshop on the weekend, but we moved it to a morning weekday after feedback from participants. On weeknights and weekends participants tend to want to explore Madrid, and the rest of Spain. Our partner companies support the workshop fully. Generally this is the best option all round.

As said, we are very pleased you had a rewarding experience with us. We hope that the above comments help you understand where we are coming from with the decisions we have made. And we thank you for underlining the point about financial aid/diversity – which is a topic we feel strongly about and aim to score very well on when feasible.

No, I don't recommend
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Finance Internship

The 4-month internship experience I had in a financial advisory firm enabled me to understand certain concepts in the financial market that were relevant to my course.

Reading the financial times everyday and discussing it in the office while being tasked to do research papers on prospective investments for the firm, aided me to grasp and understand more how certain events affected specific financial markets (bonds, equity, pooled funds).

The daily tasks I encountered to compose a research paper was a challenge in itself as I had to learn how to 1) be more adept with excel, 2)coherent in organizing my thoughts and information I read to a paper, and 3) being able to present and explain what was written. I learned and enjoyed the whole process, and finishing three papers was indeed fulfilling.

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