Is it easy to find accommodation?

Posted by Mafalda Carvalho 4 years 5 months ago

I was wondering if it is not hard to find a house to live for the months you're there, plus if the salary is enough to cover all the expenses. Thanks in advance!


Hi Mafalda!

Our Colombia teachers in the past have either found hostels that allow folks to pay to stay on a monthly basis, or found a shared apartment with other teachers in the program. Some have asked about host families, and I actually just spoke with a current teacher in the program who found a woman who was willing to rent a room in her house to her. All of the recent feedback we've gotten regarding rent is that the teaching stipend is definitely enough for room, board and daily living expenses. On top of this, all teachers are assigned to a regional coordinator on-site who is there as a sounding board/resource for them to help with questions about best places to find housing, etc. I hope that helps! Please let us know if you have additional questions :)

I am a current volunteer living in Barranquilla Colombia. There are definitely options out there for you to find living accommodations. There are many "pensionados independentes" which are basically independent rooms in a family's house. Or it is possible to find furnished and unfurnished apartments. Right now I live in a house specifically for international people. I really enjoy it, however, if you are looking to be emerged into the language I would suggest living with a family. The pay is enough to live comfortably and travel a bit.