How long does it take to get a job after completing the course?

Posted by Sarah Buie 7 years 9 months ago


The biggest factor is your availability and flexibility in going anywhere in the world basically. Also, your desired need of adequate income and length of stay at the position...I know people who were fairly quickly placed but they were open to lots of lengths of stays as well as locations.
Most people are seeking an adventure and are not looking to make a living out of this beyond sustaining themselves in the country they are teaching in. A classmate of mine who wanted to remain in Florence, Italy, where our class took place, was able to secure a few positions but one was teaching 40 miles outside of Florence and another was working with a Florence family a few days a week tutoring in English. (These were both part time positions). The pay for the school outside of F. yielded very little pay initially and the with travel expenses it was not viable) The travel times and hours could not support her financially plus her housing. She decided to come back to the U S. Another example was a former principal in my school district who took the class and was able with the certificate to secure a part time job in a public school within his former district. This may have been because he was a known and very much liked person/teacher.