Is there really a job guarantee?

Posted by Trevor D'silva 6 years 7 months ago

Hi there,
The cost description includes "Job Guarantee". I would just like to confirm the authenticity of this particular point - especially for expats (considering visa requirements, etc.)?


I was offered a full time position at the end of the course - you have to put in the work, meet the standard and grades required and have the appropriate teaching style and personality for the school.
The school help with visas and all other paperwork if a job is offered.
There are no 'guarantees' in life, and the cost of the course is unrelated to whether or not you are offered a job at the end!!

yes, there is a job guarantee but it is usually not for a fulltime position. It's advised to look for other offers to see what would be the best solution.

I believe a note to clarify is needed in regards to this comment...
Depending on the time of year, full-time positions may simply not be possible...which is completely normal for anyone in the teaching field. For example, in the summer months, it is very common that most teachers see their hours scaled back. But during all other times of the year, there is definitely enough work to keep any serious teacher busy. Spevacek is continuously offering new students and courses; I actually have to turn down their offers because my schedule is currently 10-15 hours over full-time status! So regarding the comment "it is usually not for a full-time position", I have to express that my experience is the exact opposite.

Yes, the offer is authentic. If you complete the course with a Pass 1 - you are guaranteed a job offer.

I completed with a Pass 2, and was offered a job with the school immediately upon completing the course. Over 60% of Pass 2 graduates get a job offer with Spevacek. They assist with visa requirements and are very flexible and understanding of what is needed for the visa process.

I would like to confirm what Jessica and Chris have said - the job offer depends mostly on your performance during the course. For Grade 1 students it's 100% automatic and guaranteed but Grade 2 students regularly get interviews as well - it depends on how you did on the course. I think especially the teaching practice counts when assessing your eligibility for a position. Whether it's a full time or part time offer often depends on the season, exactly as Jessica said, but also on your skills as a teacher. Plus, the course is incredibly informative and rewarding and the job offer is definitely not its only asset!

Yes to the best of my knowledge there is. It is in place for those who score an excellent pass, although I was offered a job half way through my course (I didn't accept as I already had a job lined up!)

Hey guys - I'm just gonna give a general reply to everyone's comment cause more or else everyone mentioned the same.

Okay it does give me great confidence to know that there's atleast a 99% of a job guarantee, and yes Chris I do agree that life itself doesn't have any guarantees.

The only and main reason I posted this question here was because, as an Indian citizen, we don't really have the privilege of free movement in the EU. Getting visas (tourist) is what we need to get to travel pretty much over 70-80% around the world. So I would need to try and find a job that would offer me a visa to stay and teach. (No I'm not trying to be one of the typical immigrants who want to live in another country - it's just my concern because its the only way I can actually stay back and start a career in teaching). Obviously with other objectives to outline the face that I want to meet new people and see places.

The TELF course is quite an investment both with time and money and there needs to be a bit of surety that there is a possible "job in hand" sort of thing. I am quite confident with my knowledge and application of fluency when it comes to English - and I don't believe teaching would be a problem either.

Thanks again for all the comments guys. Really appreciate it!