Can I bring my 4 year old son? I want him to attend a Preschool while I am working, to learn the culture too!

Posted by Kasie Sage-Murawski 6 years 4 months ago


You are not able to bring a child with you for the Greenheart Homestay programs. I am not sure if the same is true for their teaching positions in schools, but for the homestay, a single individual is placed with a family. It’s a volunteer opportunity for 1-3 months only, and you live with the family, usually in a guest room.

I would assume that's not an option just because I never came across that on the Greenheart website. I think this question is best answered by someone from Greenheart travel, I believe they have an email/contact on their site. Personally I don't see how that would work because the Spanish educational system would be different than theirs and everything would be taught in Spanish. Also certain services might not to available to a non-spanish citizen. Additionally it's a lot to ask of a host to accommodate a preschool child additional to an adult. That's just my personal opinion but maybe there's companies out there targeted at long term family travel.

I'm not sure if the program has any regulations about it, but I think you should be able to. The host family I stayed with had kids and the program leader in Madrid had two sons of her own. It's a kid friendly experience, but you'll probably have to pay extra for travel insurance and such. I'm honestly not too sure, but you could check the website.