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Greenheart Travel's Teach in a Homestay program in Spain offers you the opportunity to tutor your Spanish host family in conversational English for 15 hours a week. The rest of the time is yours to explore the country and get an authentic experience of the Spanish culture. Homestay placements are located in Madrid, Granada and other surrounding areas.

This is a volunteer teaching placement designed for deep cultural immersion and language exchange. Tutoring English in a homestay is ideal for adults hoping to get their feet wet in teaching, teachers planning to travel during their summer break, or travelers seeking to experience full cultural immersion while teaching English abroad.

Program Fee: USD $1,440 for 1, 2 or 3 months

Start dates occur every month, and applications must be submitted at least 8 weeks prior to desired start date.

  • 15 hours per week teaching experience (the rest of the time is yours to explore!)
  • Single room accommodation with carefully screened host family accommodations and meals included in the program
  • Personal program manager will assist you before, during and after your program
  • Year round start dates to fit your schedule
  • 24-hour emergency support during your program in Spain

Questions & Answers

Hi Daniella! Our teachers arrive and stay in Europe as tourists, therefore no visa is necessary.
I'm not sure if the program has any regulations about it, but I think you should be able to. The host family I stayed with had kids and the program leader in Madrid had two sons of her own. It's a kid friendly experience, but you'll probably have to pay extra for travel insurance and such. I'm honestly not too sure, but you could check the website.
Hi Mary, you do not get paid for this program and the costs vary depending on how much time you stay. Hope that helps!


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  • Impact 8.4
  • Support 8.8
  • Fun 7.4
  • Value 8.3
  • Safety 9.7
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One Month in Mancha Real, Spain

I will be honest and say I am the queen of making impulsive decisions. Some I regret and some I am very proud of. I gave up a lot once I heard the great news of being accepted to the Greenheart Travel Teach in a Homestay program. I moved out of my pricey apartment in Venice, CA, and moved in with my parents to save money and not pay rent while I was traveling.

I believe about a month before departure was when I was placed with a beautiful family of four in Mancha Real, Spain. A place I had never even heard of before. It is a very small rural town in Andalusia. No research I had done did this place justice. So I thought to myself, "I will just have to see for myself when I arrive."

The next step was to quit my 8-5. Once everything started to feel more real, I was freaking out a little bit but knew I was doing something that would be so enriching to both myself and the family. I gave up a lot for something that was such a short amount of time, and wished I had done the program for longer. However, being there and completing the program allowed me to plan out an extra month of personal travel as well. Within the month that I was there, I created memories that will last a lifetime. I was fortunate enough to click instantly with the family and will most definitely be in contact with them forever.

Teaching the girls that I lived with was fun and easy. They were so inquisitive and interested in English, culture in America, myself, my family, etc. It really was a treat and as a family we were able to share so much of our lives and daily routines with each other. I actually became so accustomed to their culture and schedule that I am having a hard time reverting back to the time zone in the states.

I have no advise other than to just go for it! Stop living inside your comfort zone and branch out. It really brought a new level of awareness to my attention. Once you see the impact you can have on an entire family and vice versa, it really is an indescribable and touching feeling. If I could start the process all over again, I totally would.

Yes, I recommend this program
One month in España

One month in España

As a teacher, I am always on the look out for opportunities to travel during the summer. Greenheart Travel provided a way for me to combine my two passions: teaching and traveling. Last summer (2017) I participated in Greenheart's Teach in a Homestay: Spain. I stayed with my fabulous host family for 1 month from June-July and it is truly an experience I will never forget.

What I absolutely loved about this program:

*The preparation- Greenheart thoroughly prepared me for this experience. I was sent a book with Spain's cultural and historical background. I also received a packet that covered everything I needed to know: weather, customs, tips, how to handle culture shock, what to bring, what to expect, etc. It was extremely helpful and I found myself referring to this packet many times throughout the duration of my stay.

*The support- I don't think my experience would have been as successful without the help of Megan Arzbaecher, one of Greenheart's program managers. She answered any and all questions I had, replied promptly to my emails, sent me reminder emails and touched base with me frequently weeks before my trip.

*The online community- I loved that I was put into a facebook group that brought together alumni and newcomers of the Teach in a Homestay program. I was able to communicate with others who had gone through the program and hear their experiences/advice. In addition, I met newcomers who would be in my area in Spain.

My time in Spain:

I was placed in Madrid and stayed with my host family for one month. Greenheart made sure to place me with a family that could host me during the time frame I was available and with a family that would suit my personality/needs (I had to fill out a lengthy survey). The expectation was for me to teach English to my family's daughters for 15 hours each week in exchange for food and stay. Who can beat that? Such a great way to experience a new culture and get to know a family! Even though I have teaching experience, Greenheart provided access to lesson plans, ideas and games to teach English to the family. They made it very easy to have a successful experience.

I would definitely do this program again in a heartbeat! I learned a great deal about the Spanish culture, my host family and surprisingly...myself! I would recommend this program to anyone who is willing to fully immerse themselves into a new culture.

How can this program be improved?
I personally did not have a problem with this program. I felt very supported, informed and wouldn't change anything about it.
Yes, I recommend this program
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3 lovely months in Spain!

Going abroad and staying with a local family in any country is definitely a step out of your comfort zone that you SHOULD take. I became really close with the family and we bonded in lots of different ways. I participated in their family events & activities (dinners, birthdays, Christmas!!!) and really felt like I got to experience the food and culture of Spain. We had big dinner where everyone was always singing and dancing, and they always included me. At one dinner everyone around the table got a musical instrument and sang songs together!! It was so cool. I felt like I was apart of their family and it makes for some really great memories. It’s so nice to see a city through the eyes of someone else and not just as a tourist. I got to travel to other cities and countries on the weekend took which was awesome! It was important for the family that we spoke in English around the kids so they could learn more & not speak to me in Spanish, so considering that, if I did a homestay again, I’d enroll in a separate language course. I wanted to learn some Spanish so I did go to some language exchanges, practiced my Spanish, and met new friends. I would be clear about your goals (language learning, traveling, whatever it may be) with the family right away. Communication is key. You and the family want to get as much out of the program as possible, so talking about your expectations is something I’d recommend discussing. Sometimes I had to push myself to speak (some days I just wasn’t confident!) but overall people were super friendly/understanding and I didn’t get down on myself if I had a not-great speaking day. Overall, I’d highly recommend this homestay program. Greenheart provided me with a ton of materials before my trip, and also consistently contacted me with questions and support. Every time I talked to the support team at Greenheart I got more and more excited for my trip. They also get you health insurance & link you up with a great family depending on your interests so it’s a great time for both parties. I’d love to do another program in the future. I love to travel and Greenheart just offers more easy opportunities to fuel my travel love!!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Incredible Experience

I spent three months in Madrid, Spain for Greenheart’s Teach in a Homestau program and loved every second of it. I felt like Greenheart really listened to my preferences and paired me with an absolutely incredible family. My program support liaison, Allison, was such a pleasure to work with and kept touch throughout the program to see how everything was going and if I was enjoying it. The program itself is a bit hands off- I didn’t feel connected to the company or in a program setting once I arrived in Spain, but they did provide me the tools and housing to make me feel comfortable and able to prosper there. If you are looking to travel abroad and can’t commit to a longer program, I would hands down recommend this one. It was a truly great experience!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Taught in a Homestay for 3 Months

I liked the idea of this program, but once I got there I realized that it lacks organization. I met a girl that was an Au Pair in the same city as me and I think that program is more structured. I would've liked a contract with my family about the rules, as they changed throughout my stay and I was eventually given curfews that made it hard for me to spend time with friends during the week and on the weekend. My family was nice, but there was another woman for house help and I felt that having four adults in the house was overwhelming for the kids as we all had different rules for them. Other than one email in the first few days, I didn't receive any check-in from the program about my stay. By the end, I felt like I was there more to work for the family than to be part of it. Although they were welcoming, I would've loved more facilitated conversation from Greenheart about potential issues and how those could be resolved. The cost of the program doesn't feel like a fair exchange knowing the cost of being an Au Pair. Ultimately, I had to pay for activities to do when I wasn't teaching for the 3 or 4 hours a day and without an income that became difficult, something I didn't think of ahead of time. I learned a lot from the program, but I would've like a review from the first girl that stayed with the family because I think she had a similar experience. I learned a lot from this experience. Just consider the situation you'd be in by doing this program and if it's for you, go for it!

How can this program be improved?
I tried to reference this in the review. Ultimately, more communication between family, program, and teacher.
No, I don't recommend this program
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Great program!

Greenheart Travel's homestay program is incredible! I did my program in Spain. My host family lived right outside of Madrid. My favorite part of my experience was when I went with my family to a little village called Ríofrio to spend the weekend there. My host moms grandparents used to live there and have a house right in the plaza. It's the smallest, cutest, most peaceful little village I have ever seen! It was so special to see such a unique part of Spain and to hear stories from my family about the village and the people that live there.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Experience of a Lifetime!

I have wanted to travel for as long as I can remember. I imagined myself learning Spanish in Spain, sitting beach side in Fiji, climbing Mt. Everest.... but that was all. Just imagining. I never actually thought traveling was attainable for someone like me: a responsible adult with school loans to pay, a full time job, and a five year plan. Only people with no responsibilities can take the time to travel. Oh man was I wrong! You really are your biggest obstacle. Once you believe you can realize your dreams, it becomes 100% possible to accomplish them. And it's just a plus at how easy Greenheart made the process for me. My program specialist, Megan, was awesome. I'm sure that in the beginning I was a huge pain with all the questions I had. I was upfront from the beginning and let her know my reservations about the program and how I was hesitant. She was so awesome in reassuring me and taking the time to answer all my questions (and I asked a TON of questions). One of my biggest concerns was that I didn't think I would make the application deadline for the dates I wanted to leave. They need an eight week heads up, but Megan assured me they could sometimes work with a six week notice, and they did. Greenheart took care of everything on their side and connected me with a family very quickly. Everything fell into place so quickly, that all I had to do was take care of things on my side. I saved up enough money to cover my bills and school loans for the 2 months I would be gone, I notified my bank of the trip, got a travel credit card, and quit my job (one of the hardest things I have ever done). It was so hard to walk away from a great job, a job that allowed me to stay on track with the 5 year plan I had in mind. However, I was determined to finally do something HUGE for myself. I wanted to live a dream I have always wanted. AND I HAVE ZERO REGRETS! I absolutely loved my time in Spain. My host family was awesome. They had 4 very bright kids that I spent an hour each with Monday-Thursday. I had three day weekends and traveled all over Spain in the two months I was there. I went to Sevilla, Barcelona, San Sebastian, Malaga, Segovia, and Toledo. When my two months came to an end, I had a hard time coping. I absolutely did not want to leave. If you can financially manage the three month stay, then do it. Two months was barely enough time, and one month is no time at all. I loved every moment of my time in Spain. I learned not only about the Spanish culture and way of life, but I learned about myself. I've only been home for three weeks, and I'm already trying to plan another trip abroad.... to anywhere! If you are a first time traveler, like I was, Greenheart is the perfect program. They offer a lot of support and make the preparation for the trip very easy. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I am so grateful for the time I had there and I wish I could do it all over again. Don't hesitate to make this experience happen for yourself!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Had a great stay in Granada!

I stayed in Granada with an amazing host for two months. We really clicked and I'm so happy to have met her. She was such a positive and happy person who was excited to show me her favourite places in Granada. When I went to Granada I didn't know any Spanish and just by living there and being immersed in the culture I was able to pick some up which is such a nice thing to take away from such a special experience. I really loved Granada. The locals are so friendly and the landscape is beautiful. Outside of the small city there are lush mountains filled with interesting villages and there are multiple beaches when you head further south. There are even snow-capped mountains so you really have it all. I think I wouldn't have seen all the things I saw in Granada without living with a local, it's just such a unique experience. Granada was never even on my radar before this program because when you think of Spain normally just the big touristy cities come to mind. I really liked how Granada was a smaller city because the environment was just more welcoming and warmer which is often lost in bigger places like Barcelona or Madrid (which I visited as well). I also went traveled to other cities in Andalusia during my stay because it was so easy with their buses and most places aren't too far away. Also I just have to add that another thing I loved about Granada was their free tapas! Yum!

How can this program be improved?
I think maybe it would have been nice to have more contact between the host and the person taking the program before arrival. We had a few email correspondences before I went but I still wasn't quite sure what to expect. I think it'd be nice to have a better sense of what the language expectations are from the host so maybe you could bring some materials in advance to work with. My language exchange was very casual and mostly verbal so materials weren't necessary but I know it really varies from place to place, especially if you're teaching children.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Teaching English in Madrid

I loved my host family. They were very friendly and helpful. They showed me around and I had my own room. I met locals and even cooked with my family and neighbors. When I learned that they paid to have me teach them and I paid to teach them, I was a little confused and felt like I was definitely overcharged considering the families offer 3 meals a day, room and board, and the $2,000 you pay does not go towards any of that or your plane ticket. I will say though that when ever I had a question or concern, green heart was quick to help and set up a meeting with a representative. I did not receive an orientation and didn't get to meet my host family until the day I moved in (not weeks ahead like they said). It was very last minute. Also, I was told I would need to find my own way from the airport to my host family's house, but the day I flew in, I was picked up (thankfully) and greeted with open arms and a kiss on each cheek (a typical Spanish greeting!). Most things with the program itself was like that (unexpected and last minute). Overall though, I really enjoyed my time there. Everyone was friendly and warm. I made great friends and the program tries to connect you with other participants in your area! That's how I met my "Spanish sister" from Chicago. She was a great exploring buddy and even came to visit me in San Francisco after we got back.

Yes, I recommend this program


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