What is the best way to prepare for the course?

Posted by Ree Esmus 8 years ago

Are there any books I should read, topics I should review or specific things I can do before I start the course?


We provide you with a pre-course preparation task with an answer key that you can complete at your own speed. We also provide a list of recommended reading. If you are worried about your grammar knowledge (CELTA is not a grammar course) then you should brush up to make it a bit easier for you on the course, cambridgeenglishteacher.org has a few basic courses on their website, you can also look at Grammar in Use Intermediate by Raymond Murphy, which contains most of the grammar you'll see in coursebooks on the course. On the course you are expected to be able to research and present the grammar points you are given, you are not expected to come in with a lot of existing knowledge, however the more you know, the quicker the lesson planning will be for you, and you might just get to sleep before midnight once or twice.