CELTA Course with Teaching House: Locations Throughout the Globe!
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CELTA Course with Teaching House: Locations Throughout the Globe!

Globally recognized and accredited by the University of Cambridge, the CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) is a highly regarded TEFL program among employers across the globe. Offered at several Teaching House locations worldwide, the CELTA course offers an intense and detailed curriculum which is taught and overseen by experienced teacher trainers who will help you learn the most effective teaching methods. You will learn by teaching real non-native speakers and implementing the skills taught to you into your lesson plans. Considered a rigorous yet highly rewarding program, the CELTA course will prepare you for a successful English language teaching career.

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Teaching House is not a placement organization, so the organization does not find placements for their students/graduates, but they offer excellent job listings and have an extensive network of former CELTA students who are willing and able to offer advice or suggestions. During the course, the trainers help hone your resume and interview skills, and they are happy to answer job-related questions,...
There are so many positions out there to teach English to businesses/ business professionals. I have taught several classes myself- in fact they were always the best classes to teach! One thing to keep in mind is that most companies will hire an ESL teacher for their employees through a language school. The reason for this is that companies want to make sure they are getting the best quality of...
We provide you with a pre-course preparation task with an answer key that you can complete at your own speed. We also provide a list of recommended reading. If you are worried about your grammar knowledge (CELTA is not a grammar course) then you should brush up to make it a bit easier for you on the course, cambridgeenglishteacher.org has a few basic courses on their website, you can also look at...

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CELTA Course @ Oxford House College (Teaching House - London)

Besides the cocktail of energy drinks I heavily binged during the last two weeks of this 4-week course, the culture of the class, the amazing students and tutors, and the beautiful classmate teachers I made made it extremely worth the work.

Teaching House, particularly, Oxford House College, is a great place to do your CELTA. I was pretty lucky having only a total of six students (including myself) in my CELTA wave. We got immense attention from the tutors due to the small class size.

If you're from the United States and are considering in doing the CELTA, I highly recommend doing it in the UK. The cost of the course, flight ticket, and housing will add up to the same cost it would take to do only the course in the U.S.

Lizzy and Makkie were my tutors. They are the epitome of Teaching House. The cream of the crop. Count yourself lucky if you get to be beside their wing. With all the expertise they have, they never make students feel like their less than them and fully believe in each student's ability to excel as an educator.

Check them out! You won't regret a single pence.

How can this program be improved?

The tutors could be more in sync with their requests of the students. Sometimes we would get confused after hearing unparalleled request about assignments from one tutor to another.

Yes, I recommend
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Taking a deep breath

I recently completed my CELTA training in Chicago with Teaching House, and wow..... I think I'm still recovering! I wanted to find an ESL certification class that was widely recognized and respected and one that would actually prepare me to walk into a classroom and know what to do, instead of a dime-a-dozen certification program that offered none of that. In fact, I recall checking out the reviews on this site when I was researching my options.

The CELTA course is no joke. My fellow trainees and I worked very hard for four weeks, and it was most definitely initiation by fire. In the mornings, we learned theory, strategies, and frameworks from our tutors (who presented the information by using the very frameworks they were teaching us). And in the afternoons, we put these sessions to use by teaching our own lessons to the local ESL students. "Free time" (or time not in class) would be more accurately described as time used to prepare lesson plans and complete written assignments.

I was one of six trainees, and with two tutors between us, this made for a lot of personal attention and guidance. Jennifer and Eric were knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and very dedicated tutors - always available and willing to help when we had questions. It is an incredibly intense course, and you spend a lot of time with the people at your CELTA center. I feel very lucky to have had exceptional tutors, fellow trainees, office staff, and ESL students.

An easy, blow-off class it is not, but while it is very challenging, it is also rewarding (isn't that often the case?). I learned a ton, improved my skills, and although I never shook my nerves before I had to teach a lesson, eventually, I found I was actually enjoying it - which is one of the main points, after all.

I'm so very glad I found this course and decided to take it, a little surprised I somehow managed to get through it, and super excited to go forth and tackle the world - now armed with my CELTA certification! : )

Go for it!

Yes, I recommend
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Clayton Sullivan's review

Chris Meoli and Suzanne Schumacher are two of the best teachers I have ever had the privilege of working with. If you're looking for people that are dependable and dedicated than Miami teaching house is where you want to be for your CELTA certification. Chris and Suzanne both give very clear and concise instructions on what it is they'll expect from you. Both teachers enjoy what they do and it shows. I have no complaints and would recommend this course some of my closest friends.

Yes, I recommend
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It was great!

I'm so glad that I enrolled in this program. I've learnt so much, and hope that others can enroll as well so they can experience it too! The support there is phenomenal and you can really tell that they care, and that only helps push you to try harder. The course can be a bit intensive at times, but thanks to the tutors and support you receive from friendly staff and classmates, it's very manageable.

Before joining this program, I had little to no idea about how to teach, but now I can say that I am thoroughly confident in my abilities. Without this CELTA course I would have had little to no idea on what to do in the classroom, but now I believe that I am well equipped for my first teaching job abroad!

Yes, I recommend
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Teaching House London CELTA Course

I would highly recommend doing your CELTA course at Teaching House London. It was an amazing experience for me and I learned/grew a lot in just 4 weeks. The staff are all very friendly and helpful while also providing you with feedback that really pushes you. The course itself is a lot of work but you teach every other day and it is awesome to have that much physical practice before you set off into the world.

There were 16 people in my class and we all became like family by the end. It was very cool to meet so many people from all over the world and explore London together during the course. We were also a source of support for each other and another wealth of knowledge as some of us were experienced teachers and others were not but had other useful skills to contribute.

If you are considering CELTA as a possible career choice then Teaching House London is exactly where you want to be!

How can this program be improved?

More emphasis/help with job searching

Yes, I recommend
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CELTA @ London House

Doing the Celta at Oxford House College in Central London was an incredible experience for me. The convenient location added to the incredible experience. I felt excited to go there everyday. The staff were amazing and supportive, in every way. My teachers were Lizzy and Bobby who were incredible, the other teachers were also fantastic. Sharing advice and offering support. Everyone was supportive in every way.

The course was was a game changer for me, CELTA has improved my teaching in so many ways, the practical hands on experience as well as the direct feedback was like going to the gym everyday. Developing and training muscles I thought I never had. It was an intensive month but i came out feeling like I had achieved something really worthwhile and felt totally empowered by the knowledge and formula I have acquired.

I cannot recommend CELTA @ Oxford House College enough. Life changing experience.

How can this program be improved?

Improving the technology for teaching with would make the course perfect.

Yes, I recommend
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Excellent Experience

I recently completed the CELTA course. Prior to enrolling in the course I had already taught ESL to adults for several years, as a volunteer co-teaching a three hour class once a week. When I started CELTA training I compared myself to being a self-taught skier. I can ski black-diamond trails, but it isn't pretty. Similarly, while I was an experienced teacher, it became apparent to me as I began the training that I had much to learn that would improve my effectiveness as a teacher. CELTA taught me how to actually be a student-centered teacher and how to plan lessons effectively.

The CELTA trainers were first-rate and the materials were spot on.

PS. Note re Program Length. I took the extensive (part-time) version of the course, which was 9 weeks long. I think it is equivalent to a one-month full time course.

How can this program be improved?

I thought it was great just as it was.

Yes, I recommend
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Great course, great teachers, great experience

This course is an excellent CELTA course with good teachers. It's a good value if you want to teach abroad and don't have a lot of experience teaching. The trainers will get you ready to teach quality classes and teach you how to properly prepare your lessons. They are tough, but fair, and help you make great strides in your teaching ability. I highly recommend this course!

You should know that the course is challenging and that will you spend most of your time preparing lessons and working on things you did wrong in your previous lessons. However, if you listen to your teachers and try to apply what you learned, you will gain so much from this course. They really know what they are talking about.

How can this program be improved?

In my opinion, the course is perfect as it is.

Yes, I recommend

CELTA - Teaching House @ Oxfordhousecollege London

I did my CELTA in 2006 and I've been teaching ever since. The course was very intense but the hard work is fine when you can see the improvement and you feel you are getting a lot out of it. The tutors were amazing - very experienced and great examples to us. I particularly enjoyed the learner case study assignment and the unknown language immersion - very thought provoking. I have since done my DELTA at the same place and I would really recommend both courses to anyone thinking about going abroad to teach.

Yes, I recommend
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I had a great time during this course, although it was very challenging! To be honest, the teachers were fantastic and the course was very thorough, but my only concern was the constant printer malfunctions in the lobby. Many of us would rely on this printer for lesson plans, language analysis sheets, and other important papers. Many times I barely managed to print in time for a lesson due to the printer randomly going offline or other malfunctions and it was very stressful. Otherwise, everything else in the course was great.

How can this program be improved?

New printers.

Yes, I recommend
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CELTA Boot Camp

I wish I would have had a strategy to grab this bull by his horn. It would have probably felt less overwhelming if I would've created a study itinerary to balance the amount of time and should spend on TPs and Assignments. And also, to not try to embellish and develop each stage until I had the structure and aims complete clear and written out, and only if I had extra time, try to make in more interesting and fun then.

I really learned many lessons in this class. I went through hell and heaven; moments of enlightenment and moments of darkness. I self-doubted my capabilities to teach, my motivations, my intentions, everything, but at the end I pulled through thanks to the support and the faith my trainers deposited in me. I feel I would've liked to have more TPs to get better and better at this. The awesome thing is that I have a TESOL job now where I'm starting to put all these methods in practice, and I continue to see and enjoy how effective they are.

So, thank you CELTA for being like a "boot camp" to me. I really feel I've grown a lot, and I'm ready to continue growing on this path you've set, and up the standards I've been expected to reach. The bar has been set hight, and I'm ready to keep jumping to grab it by the horns, and maybe just raise it some more for myself. I don't want to ever stop growing as a TESOL ;).

How can this program be improved?

I feel that it was great that we didn't have that much technological devices to teach in class, but definitely we need to have more than one printer. The printer at the center was not very functional and kept giving us trouble. When we're so dependent on making photocopies and printing, we cannot afford to have a "ok" photocopier/printer.

Have a place for students to be able to sit quietly 24/7 and have resources available would help students to truly focus and not have to deal with paying su much in parking, having to go home where most likely they can't focus, and miss opportunities to collaborate more with other students.

Those two things would make a world of a difference. Thank you for reading.

Yes, I recommend
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CELTA course review

The CELTA course taught me a good deal of things that seem obvious in hindsight, but about which I really knew very little. I've even found myself using certain techniques (ICQ's and CCQ's, for example) with friends and family when we are doing an activity together. I also really appreciate that we were able to teach an actual class of English learners so that we could put into practice the methods we were learning as we went along; this also gave us a great opportunity to see where we needed work, what we were doing well in, etc.

How can this program be improved?

The one improvement that I would suggest would be to space out the writing assignments differently, so that a teacher doesn't have to turn in a written assignment on the same day that he/she has to teach.

Yes, I recommend
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CELTA Course in Boston Jul/Aug 2016

It was a very rigorous course but I learned more and, more importantly, remembered more from the CELTA classes than from any teacher training classes I've taken in the past. It's amazing that you can be so confused by the amount of information that's being directed at you and yet come away remembering so much of it. From my own experiences being a student on the course and from classes that dealt with the topic, I'm now much more sensitive to the feelings and struggles of English learners, and more aware of gender, ethnic, and religious issues that can consciously or unconsciously play a part in teaching English. No funny stories come to mind, I'm afraid, but certainly one of the best aspects of the course was the collegiate atmosphere among the participants.

How can this program be improved?

Probably not likely given the time constraints, but It would be nice to have more time in which to write the papers. I would have liked to have done a better job on them but had too many other things to juggle. Also, I think there should be more acknowledgment of different ways of teaching. Given that different styles of teaching have had their day and been replaced by other styles, I couldn't always accept the implication that there was only one right way to teach. Statements like "This is what we think is the best approach," or "here's how we like to do things nowadays," would have alleviated the sometimes messianic tone of the teaching.

Yes, I recommend


Besides the knowledge and highly professional performance of the trainers, the team work encouragement and support at CELTA program were simply amazing! It was a really difficult course for me as I have been out of school for almost 15 years but I really enjoyed every single moment of both the trainers' lessons and also the team work. Trainers' lessons were both fun and extremely productive.
I also would like to take a minute to thank my trainers, especially Micky Lammond who is an amazing teacher and wonderful person. Besides his great command of the job, his encouragements along the way helped me a lot.

How can this program be improved?

I think resource and materials at TeachingHouse CELTA program have some room for improvement. The library had only few options to offer and the logistics, i.e, computers and printers, could be a little more accommodating. For instance, the printers were not connected to the computers. Apparently they each belonged to different providers. Also, just as a comment, that particular area on Market St. was not necessarily the most suitable place for the class location. Sometimes it was hard to feel safe going to and from school. I have heard that San Francisco has safer places.

Yes, I recommend
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Do not fear, CELTA Teaching House Boston is here.

The 4 Week CELTA course at Teaching House Boston is intensive and at times you will have to remind yourself that it is only 4 weeks. After it is over, you would have to remind yourself it is over and to stop thinking about your lesson plans! It was an amazing experience at Teaching House Boston. You will receive the most qualified tutors and friendliest staff. I am a teacher with very little experience teaching in a classroom. I am leaving with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to begin my teaching career. Job opportunities will be presented through the course and some trainees including myself have gotten jobs through them. The tutors are very concerned with your success. When the course felt like it is was falling apart for me, I got the support and encouragement I greatly needed from my CELTA tutor.
In addition, your tutors encourage you to support your peers and work together!
By the end of your journey, your peers will be your family.
If you already have a lot of experience in teaching. I guarantee the tutors at THBoston will benefit you.
In all, I highly recommend the CELTA course at Teaching House Boston whether you are new to teaching or already have tons of experience.
You will be making one of the best decisions in your teaching career.

Yes, I recommend

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